11/18/1977, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

John Jackson



Also Known As

Ghetto Fab, F to da A-B, The Ghetto Kid, Fab, Loso
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John Jackson, known by his stage name, Fabolous, was born on November 18th, 1977 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY. He is a very accomplished rapper who has released many hit songs. Right out of the gate in 2001, Fabolous scored a bit hit, "Can't Deny It," that established him…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He weighs 170 pounds.

    • Fabolous was ranked #70 on Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2007.

    • Fabolous was featured in The-Dream's song, Shawty Is A Ten.

    • Fabolous was featured in a remix of J. Holiday's song, Bed.

    • Fabolous's first recorded song was If They Want It in 1998.

    • Fab was discovered when he was asked by DJ Clue to freestyle at HOT 97 studios in New York.

    • Fabolous was an episode of Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out as the captain of the black squad. In that episode his team won 6-5.

    • Fabolous was featured in the remix of Jennifer Lopez's song, Get Right.

    • Fabolous was featured in the remix of Eve's song, Tambourine.

    • Here are the songs in his album, From Nothin' to Somethin
      From Nothin' to Somethin' Intro
      Yep, I'm Back
      Change Up (ft. Akon)
      Make Me Better (ft. Ne-Yo)
      Baby Don't Go (ft. T-Pain)
      Return of the Hustle (ft. Swizz Beatz)
      Gangsta Don't Play (ft. Junior Reid)
      Real Playa Like (ft. Lloyd)
      First Time (ft. Rihanna)
      Diamonds (ft. Young Jeezy)
      Brooklyn (ft. Funkmaster Flex, Jay-Z, Uncle Murda, & Notorious B.I.G.)
      I'm the Man (ft. Red Cafe)
      Joke's On You (ft. Pusha-T)
      What Should I Do (ft. Lil' Mo)
      This Is Family" [Bonus Track] (ft. Paul Cain, Freck Billionaire, Red Cafe, Joe Budden & Ransom)

    • Here are the songs in his album, Real Talk:
      Exodus (performed by Black Ice)
      Don't Stop Wont Stop
      Real Talk (123)
      Tit 4 Tat (ft. Pharrell)
      Baby (ft. Mike Shorey)
      Church (ft. Charlie Murphy)
      Can You Hear Me
      Do the Damn Thing (ft. Young Jeezy)
      Holla at Somebody Real (ft. Lil' Mo)
      It's Alright (ft. Sean Paul)
      Young & Sexy (ft. Mike Shorey, Pharrell)
      Round & Round
      In My Hood
      Ghetto (ft. Thara)
      Po Po (ft. Nate Dogg, Paul Cain)

    • Here are the songs in his album, Street Dreams:
      Not Give a F*ck
      Call Me
      Bad B*tch
      Why Wouldn't I
      Up On Things
      This Is My Party
      Into You
      Change You or Change Me
      Forgive Me Father
      Never Duplicated
      My Life
      Keepin' It Gangsta (Remix)
      Trade It All (Part 2)

    • Here are the songs in his album, Ghetto Fabolous:
      Click & Spark
      Keepin' It Gangsta
      Get Right
      Ride For This
      One Day
      Trade It All
      Right Now & Later On
      Take You Home
      Get Smart
      Can't Deny It
      Ma' Be Easy
      We Don't Give A
      The Bad Guy
      Gotta Be Thug
      If They Want It

    • Fabolous has released four albums: Ghetto Fabolous in 2001, Street Dreams in 2003, Real Talk in 2004, and From Nothin' to Somethin' in 2007.

    • In 2001, Fabolous made his artist debut with hit single, Can't Deny It.

    • He has an assistant named Michelle.

    • He was featured in the remix of Sean Kingston's song Beautiful Girls with Lil Boosie.

    • He was featured in Christina Millian's song, Dip It Low.

    • His song Make Me Better, was produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Timbaland.

    • In an interview with XXL, Fabolous revealed that he had been in a long-term relationship that began in 2005.

    • On October 17th, 2006, Fabolous was shot in his left leg in Manhattan.

    • In January and March 2003, Fabolous was arrested for possessing an unlicensed gun in his car. His bodyguard later showed proof of ownership for the gun.

    • He has a myspace page.

    • His labels are Elektra, Desert Storm, Atlantic, Street Family, and Def Jam.

    • His associated acts are DJ Clue, Lil' Mo, Mike Shorey, Red Cafe, and Young Jeezy.

    • Fabolous has four nicknames: The Kid, Ghetto Fab, F to da A-B and Loso.

    • He often spells his name F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S in basically all of his songs.

    • As of 2007, he has released three new singles off of his From Nothin to Somethin" album.

    • Fabolous chipped one of his teeth with a basketball by trying to impress a girl.

    • Paul Cain is his brother.

    • He is of Dominican and African American descent.

    • Fabolous stands at 5'11".

  • Quotes

    • Fabolous: I wanted a record that could show that I could touch different people with my music.

    • Fabolous: (Referring to the message in his song "Change Up" and his 2006 shooting incident) Anytime you become a successful person, people may look at you and say you changed. That record just talks about people changing as a person for money, how they carry themselves and treat other people. For me, I might have changed where I live or my number, but I haven't changed as a person... I slid a line or two about what happened in October but I'm not coming out with a bullet proof vest or anything.

    • Fabolous: I'm trying to bring good music back to the game, and anybody that's bringing good music, the hype is gonna follow them.

    • Fabolous: I saw it as my shot to shine. But there wasn't really that much time to be nervous. I had been making up some rhymes that afternoon but by the time I got to the studio I forgot one of them. Luckily, I didn't have to battle Noreaga or anything like that. It was like he'd get on a beat and then I'd get on one. I made up the rest of the **** on the spot. I took advantage of the opportunity, that's all.

    • Fabolous:(When asked to define style) It's the Ghetto Fabolous style, that's all.

  • Fabo is sooo underrated. I love his music.

    Fabolous is such a good rapper. He makes such great raps. I love his song Baby Dont Go, it is sooo good. I love it so much. The way he rhymes, is soo good. He is really good with rhymes. I also looove his song Diamonds. Iss sooo good. One of my favorite songs by him. One of the bests. However, i do feel as if Fabolous doesnt get as much credit and fame. He deserves his moment in the spotlight. He was featured in a remix of Beautiful Girls, he made the song sooo goood! He was also in one of the remixes to Bed, by J Holiday. I love it when he is in a song!moreless