Faith Ford

Faith Ford


9/14/1964, Alexandria, Louisiana

Birth Name

Faith Alexis Ford



Also Known As

Alexis Ford
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In 1988 Faith Ford vaulted to fame as the plucky Corky Sherwood on Murphy Brown, whom she portrayed for ten years, garnering five Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations. Hope & Faith marks a return to ABC for the actress, who starred in Norm for two seasons after…more


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    • Faith: To do my show, I'm always in every scene and it's very physical comedy, and even to motivate to want to work at all when I'm off is very challenging.

    • Faith: It's hard to work, in general, in our business, on more than one thing. How some actors go from back-to-back films, I don't know..

    • Faith: I'm not ever so egotistical.

    • Faith: I have a friend that has five kids and she went through a trial separation with her husband, and she didn't have time to be upset. Every now and then, she'd call me on the cell phone and just cry.

    • Faith: My mother keeps me abreast of all the hometown things.

    • Faith: One thing I think kids need to do is more chores, and take care of their own rooms. Responsibilities are really important to start them with. If they have animals, they have to feed them and care for them. That's the only way I think I could do it.

    • Faith: Usually when you're working is when people want you to work. They don't want you as much when you're not working. That's the frustrating nature of our business.

    • Faith: When I was in school, I was very involved with a lot of things. I was very very active. I couldn't say that I wasn't popular. I was a cheerleader when I was in junior high. I didn't make it in high school so I started a dance line.

    • Faith: When you're an actor and you get offered something, you should pay attention to it.

    • Faith: My theory is, if you can do comedy and you can be in a scene with someone like Brad Garrett and hold your own, you've really got a future in this business.

    • Faith: It's hard to work, in general, in our business, on more than one thing. How some actors go from back-to-back films, I don't know.

    • Faith: It takes a lot of energy to work, in general, especially if you're the lead in something.

    • Faith: I went back to my 10-year reunion. All they cared about is if I'd met Arnold Schwarzenegger yet or who were the big stars, you know.

    • Faith: I wasn't the prom queen, in fact I didn't even go to my prom because they all turned me down. Of course you notice I had to ask them anyway.

    • Faith: I think comedy is one of the hardest things to do.

    • Faith: I love playing moms. It's a lot easier than being a mom, I hear.

    • Faith: I have a very strong mother. She entered me in the Teen Magazine model search when I was 16. I wasn't really that interested.