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  • Foul out boy.

    They suck at making music. Can't even sing or play guitar for real. Their themes and sounds are always the same. They always sing about being dumped by your girlfriend. Heh. Plus they try hard to be a "rockstar" but they are really an emo. MCR, Chevelle, and Muse is better.
  • new fall out boy is still great !

    fall out boy is like the coolest band ever having hit singles like thnks fr th mmrs and this anit a scene. i do like infinity on high but i prefer folie a deux as it has songs like i dont care and she's my winona. normally they dont sing live good but now they are great. their live performance is at its best when they perform in the chicago theatre. fall out boy has always been my number 1 band followed by mcr. my chemical romace rockz but fall out boy is better. fall out boy rulez for life !
  • probably the coolest band alive !

    fall out boy is one of the best band in the world .they have good music such as thnks fr th mmrs , this anit a scene and also saturday . unfortunately , they are not good live but with practice they will become good . did i mention that folie a deux is a pretty good album but cant compare to take this to your grave and infinity on high.pete wentz is an ok bass player but quiet a great sceamer . i like him to do saturday more times as that is my fav song from their ambum.
  • I love this band!! They're awesome!

    Fall Out Boy was "formed out of boredom" in Chicago. The band members are Patrick Stump (lead singer) Pete Wentz (bassist and lyricist) Andrew Hurley (Drums) and Joe Trohman (guitar). I like all of Pete's long, random titles like I Slept With Someone from Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Song Written About Me. My favorite songs are I've Got All This Ringing In My Ear and None On My Finger, I'm Like A lawyer(Me & You), The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes, and 7 Minutes in Heaven. Their music video for The Takes Over, The Breaks Over is my favorite because its so wonderfully random. I like the video for A Little Less Sixteen Candles, too, because of all of the vampires. :]All of these guys are awesome and talented. Pete's lyrics are amazing: "And when it all goes to hell will you be able to tell me sorry with a straight face?" "Sitting out dances on the wall, trying to forget everything that isn't you""It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche..". I think Andy and Joe could use more fame though. They're both talented and good looking. Same with Patrick. Most of my friends know who Pete is, but have no idea who Patrick is. Anyway, Fall Out Boy is a great and talented band!
  • Keep on rocking!

    One of my personal favorite ^^) I really hated the band when I was younger but today Its like they are the best band ever except for my most favorite band My chemical romance XD I really like how Patrick sings he has an amazing voice... I also like Pete Wentz he is also awesome in handling the electric guitar... Me and you ( Their latest song ) is my most favorite song, The song really rocks it lets me realize how the African's suffer at their place. It was a good idea showing the people what discrimination is happening all over the world...
  • One of my Favorite band ( aside from My chemical romance...^^)

    One of my Favorite band ( aside from My chemical romance...^^). I really liked their songs a lot starting from their song sugar were going down when I first heared it, I was saying to myself.... " whoah... this is the best song ever! " I was really addicted to the band...^^> Then their song thanks for the memories came out again.... their I liked the song again.... It really rocks me out and I really love their latest song right now which is The breaks over the takes over.... I really understands the song a lot... You know what im saying.... ^^ And I also liked their song Thriller One of my favorite song... I hope I could see them in personal... Uhhhm.. I hope I wrote a useful review... ^_^
  • FOB is the BEST!!!

    Fall Out Boy is amazing. I love every song on their "Infinity On High" album. I have to change my myspace song every day because I'm always finding a new song that I like! The whole group is really talented and I was surprised that I really didn't discover them or their talent until about 6 months ago. Hopefully, they'll be going on tour again shortly because I missed their last tour. Some of my favorites are "Hum Hallelujah", "Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?", "A Little Less Sixteen Candles", "Thriller", and "Golden". All in all, Fall Out Boy is an awesome band that should (and will) go down in history.
  • Wow, I really love Fall Out Boy.

    Fall Out Boy is amazing. I love every song on their "Infinity On High" album. I have to change my myspace song every day because I'm always finding a new song that I like! The whole group is really talented and I was surprised that I really didn't discover them or their talent until about 6 months ago. Hopefully, they'll be going on tour again shortly because I missed their last tour. Some of my favorites are "Hum Hallelujah", "Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?", "A Little Less Sixteen Candles", "Thriller", and "Golden". All in all, Fall Out Boy is an awesome band that should (and will) go down in history.
  • FOB will go down in history!

    Ah, Fall Out Boy - where to start? This is the band I used to hate but grew to love. Scrolling through bassist Pete Wentz's many blogs on the band's website one day while bored I discovered a button that said "Listen to the new single, 'This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race', here!" So I did and FELL IN LOVE. I began talking to a friend of mine who loves FOB as I do now, and at long last, I got into the band I was meant to love. I got "From Under The Cork Tree" off iTunes and fell in love with every single song on the record, and two months later I bought Infinity On High, plus tickets to see them in my town. Fall Out Boy is extremely talented, past all Wentz's nude internet pics and his extreme publicity in the tabloids with Ashlee Simspon. Pete writes the crafty, witty lyrics, the ones that make you think. Lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stump composes the oh-so-catchy melodies, the ones that won hearts over last summer. Guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley may be underrated, but they are loved so much by their fans. Anyone who hates Fall Out Boy should think twice - this band will stay for years to come.
  • Green Day wonna bes and cant perform.

    First off who would name a band Fall Out Boy? OMG thats stupid. If theyre rock theyre supposed to have a violent name. But Fall Out Boy thats just.. do I have to say it. Plus their emblem is a sheep with wings. A sheep with wings? thats another thing. They sound surgar-coated softys if you ask me. There are much better bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Saliva, Nickelback, Wolfmother, Transfer and many more. Dont waste youre time with this garbage listen to real rock. these guys havent been around long but the bands I named have. F.O.B deserves a bad rating and I would give em a lower if I could.
  • Fall out boy is a really good band! They Rock!

    Fall out boy is a wicked band! They are composed of four members: Pete Wentz, who is bass and backup vocalist, Patrick Stump, who is lead vocals, Joseph Trohman, who is lead guitar, and last but not least, Andrew Hurley, who does the drums. They have made four albums. They are, in order from first to last: Evening out with your girlfriend which was relesed on February 25th 2003, Take this to your grave which was relesed May 6th 2003, From under the cork tree which was relesed May 3rd 2005, and their last album that they relesed was Infinity on high which was let out on February 6th 2007! One of my favourite songs by them was Tanks for the Memories. It's great! This concludes that Fall Out Boy is one of the best bands around!
  • Really Cool!!

    Fall Out Boy is a band that I used to like, but that I now love! Their music is very original, with wacky song titles. Pete Wentz, bass player and primary lyricist, writes some really awsome songs, and they are almost always easy to sing along to. In the gap between their last album, 2005's From Under The Cork Tree till now, their music has evolved. Their new album, 2007's Infinity On High, shows a more diverse side in my opinion. The four members of the band, Patrick Stump vocalist, Pete Wentz bass, Andy Hurly drums, and Joe Troeman(?) on guitar all help to make up this incredeble band. Even though they've had some hard times in the past, like when Pete overdoesed on medication, they've trooped through to create some fantastic music! Fall Out Boy is a incredeble band, so keep listening to them!
  • They are a modern classinc to be remembered for a while to come.

    I will write this review from what I have heard from them and of them. All of their albums were great and I also really like a bunch of their cover tracks. Their strongest points are probably lyrics and melody. They have average guitar chord progressions but they are used in a very appealing melodic ways. Their lyrics are really good and sincere for all of their albums. The bass is okay but could be better but I guess Pete makes up for it in his songwriting. Drums is also pretty average but has some good beats in some songs. Band chemistry and overall feel really makes them much above average even though most of their qualities individually are just average. I haven't heard them much live but they are also not very good at that either.

    From Under The Cork Tree: The first album I heard from them and it got me into their music. This album had alot more tracks than most albums that get released. the only songs I didn't really like are the remixes. I really liked the lyrics to Sugar We're Going Down, but my favorite track from this album is Nobody Puts The Baby In The Corner. Overall one of the best albums out there.

    Infinity On High:

    They really changed in this one. They are more mature and the style is less punky. They probably leaning on Alternative than Pop Punk now. The vocals are amazing and it seems that everyone in the band got better in their playing. Favorite song in this one is I'm Like a Lawyer With The Way I'm Trying To Get You Off.

    I haven't really heard their other albums in full, as in front to back, but I did hear almost all of their tracks. Their cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again" is one of my favorite covers of all time. Other good songs from them that I liked are Pretty In Punk, Homesick at Spacecamp, and Grand Theft Autumn. As far as their videos go, they are all really well done so far.
  • I love them!

    Fall Out Boy is amazing!!! They are totally origional and out of this world. Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are hotties and Patrick has the voice from the gods! (lol as does Panic! singer Brendon Urie) and Pete writes amazing lyrics and has a hawt body and cool hair (lol and he's wicked scarcastic). They can do awesome things with their gituars too! lol cept Patrick who has never picked one up ^_^ like lead gituarist John Trohman who has a signature move called the Trohmania lol John also has a fan base called the Trohmaniacs^_^ I myself am a Peterpanda luvr ^_^ My favorite song of theirs is "Chicago is so Two Years Ago" closely followed by "Grand Theft Autumn" and "Music Or the Misery". My favorite vids are "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me" and "Saturday" closely followed by "This Ain't A Scene It's an Arms Race"... I am currently listening to the unedited version of "This Ain't a Scene" Like Panic! at the Disco (who they are close friends with) I love the fact that most of the titles of their songs have nothing to do with the song itself... If you've never heard these guys before then you need to! Cause theyre awesome!
  • Awesome

    These guys are awesome. A lot of girls like them well mainly for Pete but although I do admit I have a crush on Pete (who doesn't? lol) I still like the band for the band itself. Fall Out Boy would not be Fall Out Boy if they didn't have an awesome guitarist like Joe, a kick ass drummer like Andy, an incredible vocalist like Patrick and last but not least the fun lovable bassist Pete. I love their songs, their lyrics, and of course of them all their performance on stage. These guys really know how to work the crowd and give a fun performance which I feel matters most when I appreciate a band.
  • empty

    Is not that I don't like them, but when I talk about music, I think that they are kind of going downhill. I love their first album, original great and with a great music style. But their second album was kind of a downfall, I did not like it very much. A friend has it saying it is the best and all, but I did not particulary enjoy it.
  • The classification says it all!

    Fall Out Boy are a truely brilliant rock band who have such orginal and superb songs! Some of their best include "Sugar We're Going Down, Dance Dance" and now "This Aint A Scene, It's A Tradergy." Their first album was just great but their second is just as good and I hope even better since I have only heard of the tracks on it. I am actually going to their 2007 concert in Australia which will be great since I am going with so many of my friends. I should say that their voices arn't good, they are really weak live but better in studio but everything else about their music is just fabulous!
  • The best band EVERRRRR!!!!!!

    Fall Out Boy is truly the best band ever. Their music is very entertaining, and very addictive. I like the fact they have very creative song titles, a very unique style. The lyrics are well written. The music is well put together and sounds really good. The guiter riffs are very melodic. Along with the bass guiter. They are one talented band, Very cool. Patrick Stump is the singer and guitarist. Pete Wentz is the lyricist and the main bassist. Joe Trohman is the main guiterist and is mainly known for is "Spin Move." Finally Andy Hurley who was the last member to join and he is the drummer. Totally amazing band...!!!
  • FOB one of the greatst band on earth.

    Fall Out Boy is an all time great band. Im a big fan of FOB. They have amazing songs, they are so much fun to listen to, and sing along with. They also make great videos, I love them. each band member is awesome in their own way. You got Pete Wentz who is the Bassist and lyricist. Patrick who is the voicalist, and an amazing one at that. Joe, the Guitarist, is like awsome and Andy the Dummer. These are great down to earth guys. They love their fans and love what they do. They are best friends off the stage as well as on. They are buddies with Panic! at the disco. They are so awesome. I think one of the best bands around. No matter what they will always be one of my faves.
  • I love this band!

    I love emo rock and Fall Out Boy is just a band under that genre. Fall Out Boy got it's name when they asked a kid what they should name the band... the kids said Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy asked "Why?" The kid just finished watching The Simpsons and there is a character there named Fall Out Boy. I love their music... although some of their songs I'm not so into... overall their songs are really cool and awesome. Dance Dance, Sugar We're Going Down, Grand Theft Autumn, A Little Less Sixteen Candles are just some of their awesome songs.
  • They're great

    Fall Out Boy is awesome! There my favorite band EVER. My favorite songs are "Dance, Dance" and "A Little Less Sixteen Candels, a Little More Touch Me". Patrick and Joe are awesome guitarists, and Patrick is a great singer as well. Pete is one of the best bassists i've heard, and Andy is a great drummer. Their videos are cool as well, escpecially "A Little Less Sixteen Candels, a Little More Touch Me". "From Under the Cork Tree" is a great album. Overall, Fall Out Boy is a great band and i think they're underratted. I love Fall Out Boy!
  • One of my favourite bands - love their music, and they're even better live.

    The first song i ever heard by Fall Out Boy was "Sugar, We're Going Down" and since then, i've been hooked. They album "From Under The Cork Tree" is one of my personal favourites, it's brilliant. And they're other albums are more than good too.

    Their pop-punk-emo type music is great to listen to, especially if you want cheering up, whether that's the intended purpose.. i'm not sure. The songs sound so happy, whether the lyrics are or not. The titles are a little bizarre and quite hard to remember, but that just adds to Fall Out Boy's appeal. Normal song titles just wouldn't seem right. I love all of their songs, although my favourites at the moment have to be "Dance, Dance", "Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year" and "XO". I simply can't get enough of them!

    On top of all this, they're absolutely amazing live. I went to see them at the Brixton Academy, and it has to be the best concert i've ever been to. They had so much energy, and performed briliantly.

    The only thing i regret is that they aren't very well known over here. But hopefully that'll change soon enough!
  • These guys rock.

    I love their look and I love their sound. Their song titles don't really make that much sense, niether do the lyrics, but who cares? Their songs have hidden meaning, and they're one of the best Punk/Pop groups out there. I never got into them until Dance Dance came out. When I first heard Sugar We're Going down, I was weirded out by the video, but when I listened to the lyrics, they were awesome! Then A little Less Sixteen Candles, A little More 'Touch Me' came out, and I was hooked. Keep it coming Fall Out Boy, you guys rock!
  • Wow.

    Seriously.... I think Fall Out Boy may have potential. They just need a new singer, bassist, guitarist, and drummer. hahahaha. They\\\'re emo. Emo kids are bad for America. They encourage too much sorrow. You can\\\'t understand a word Stump says. If you\\\'d like to see and attempt at understanding them I have this right here:

    So you fans go waste your time listening to Fall Out Boy. They should give up.
  • This band makes me swoon!

    I love this band so much! Some people like Fall Out Boy because of their looks or something like that. But I personally love them because they dont care about what people think, they only care about what they think, then they let people know about it. And sometimes they dont even think about what they do. This band knows alot and knows how their teeny bopper fans feel. They are very talented. I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE Fall Out Boy. And whoever hates them or disagrees with me is really crazy.They should at least try to listen to this band. Thats what I think about this band. Fall Out Boy Is For LOVERS!!!
  • Yes talented, and this is one band where the talent really shows.

    Fall Out Boy is a band from the suburbs of Chicago. Well, one is from Wisconsin. The band is composed of Patrick Stump (vocals, guitar), Pete Wentz (bass), Joe Trohman (guitar), and Andy Hurley (drums).

    They are my favorite band and I do believe they are very talented, hence the classification. (The summary part was because they aren't bad looking either.) They have great music and terrific lyrics, many written by bassist Wentz. The band formed in 2001, and has been around since. It was their 2005 album "From Under the Cork Tree" which helped them gain an extremely larger fanbase. They did have many dedicated fans before that, and still do. First album was "Take This To Your Grave," released only a few years ago. FOB has toned their whole sound down a bit since then. They've been nominated for a Grammy and have won the MTV2 award. And I believe this band will be around for a long time. I certainly hope they are.
  • they are like my favorite band ever!!!!!

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  • Awesome!~

    Fall Out Boy is definetly one of my favorite bands ever! I really like two of their hit songs Dance, Dance, and Sugar Were Going Down from the album "From Under The Cork Tree" (I think!) I think they are really talented and should come up with new songs and ideas.
  • Are they going back to Tree Hill?

    Pete Wentz and Peyton flirted for a moment, is he gonna have a storyline in the show? I think it's either that or Jake comes back. Patrick Stump was also there, is he going to be there too? I think it would be awesome if he and Pete appear on the show, as themselves!