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  • Dangerously sexy

    Some people don't know who she is, well just let me tell you this; she is an actress that it's known for being dangerously sexy (the same type of woman as Melinda Clarke, best known as Julie Cooper on The O.C. or Lady Heather on CSI).

    Her unique sexiness has earned her roles like the Bond girl Xenia Onatopp, X-men Jean Grey, Ava Moore in Nip/Tuck among others.

    But besides being sexy she actually had proven that she can act. And what is awesome about her is that she doesn't do it for the fame and money. Her true passion is to make movies, and she loves it so much that she actually works for a low amount of money or even for free, since she prefers to start an independent film to a blockbuster.

    I'm just grateful that this amazing woman had the opportunity to portray my favorite superhero on the big screen, cuz she did an amazing job. She brought out those dark spots of Jean Grey that we are just too afraid to know. Besides all that she has the 3rd cutest dog on earth =0P.