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Fan_3, fan_3, fan 3
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The consummate Valley Girl has returned. This incarnation is in the form of fan_3, a bona fide native of Sherman Oaks. Blessed with the gift of rhyme and a teenager's instinct for honesty, fan_3 paves the way for a new generation of pop artists. 16-year-old fan_3 writes skillfully…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the cooliest, meaningful, and probably one of the most understood hip hop artist.

    She's better than almost all the hip hop artist out there. I love that song she performed on Darcy's Wildlife. I think she also performed it on Romeo. She should be bigger than what she is in my opinion. She has a great style that I like. Rarely do I listen to rap or hip hop because all they talk about is money and cars, but she's different, and that's good.moreless
  • Fan 3 is the first white female rapper out there. She has appeared on fellow rapper's tv show 'Romeo!' as Melissa/Herself. Her songs have terrific lyrics great flow that go well with her voice. Every single one of songs is great. She is signed with Geffenmoreless

    Fan 3 is great! The words to her songs make sense, every song has a great beat, and on top of all that she is a beautiful girl. Her album Geek Love didn't quite sell a lot due to the fact of her being a white, female rapper but she was good enough to be signed with Geffen so she will make it even bigger one day. Fan 3 is probably one of the best rappers of all time and is probably good enough to compete with Eminem and 50 Cent but the rap world is judged by how you look and that's not her fault. If she looked differently she would probably be as big as Missy Elliot. She has a cd called Let Me Clear My Throat. It features great songs. One day Fan 3 will be the biggest groundbreaker in rap music of all time.moreless