Farah Fath

Farah Fath


5/1/1984, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Farah LeeAllen Fath


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Farah LeeAllen Fath was born in Lexington KY on May 1st, 1984. When she was only five, she decided to start a career in show-business. In 1995, Farah was crowned "Miss Kentucky Preteen". Farah appeared in a Pringles commercial and several Duncan Hines print ads. In 1999, Farah…more


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    • Farah: (explaining why she left Days Of Our Lives to appear on One Life to Live) I left Days because I craved some change in my life, and this is going to be some serious change! Also, I've locked in Heather Lindell [ex-Jan, Days] as my new roommate. She's a riot, so there's no way I won't like living in New York.

    • Farah: (on Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn) falling asleep while filming Mimi and Shawn's nuptials on Days Of Our Lives) It was the scene where the priest said, 'If there's anyone here who has reason why these two shot not be joined together…'. All of a sudden, we heard a big snore! We looked over and Frank was in the front row sound asleep! The entire studio erupted with laughter. We couldn't hold it together.

    • Farah: (on "Lil' Divas") We're taking a permanent break from Lil' Divas. I've got other goals professionally that I must tend to at this stage in life - like finding new acting jobs.

    • Farah: (on leaving Days Of Our Lives) I'm getting annoyed that people think I was fired. I won't divulge specific reasons why, but I asked to be let out of my contract a year early. Days complied, so that means they have until February 2007. Whether they use me until February is up to them.

    • Farah: (on her first day on the Days Of Our Lives) I remember the first day on the set. I was freaking out. I saw Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall, and I was in total awe because I had grown up watching them. My grandmother thinks of them as her own children. My babysitter actually got me watching when Marlena was possessed -- I saw that and I was hooked.

    • Farah: (on what is better: dating someone in or out of show business): There are pros and cons to both. With my last boyfriend it was hard because he wasn't in the business and there's all the red-carpet events, on-screen kissing, the hours, so it's hard for that person to understand. My current boyfriend is in the business and I do find it easier. The tricky thing is making time for each other with super-crazy-busy schedules. I don't know how Hollywood superstar couples make it, and most of them don't.

    • Farah: I loved being in the spotlight ever since I can remember.

  • Great as "Gigi".

    Great actress.
  • Mimi to Gigi!

    When Farah was on DAYS i loved the character of Mimi. I felt bad for her too. Her mom screwed up alot of things in her life. I miss Farah on Days alot. Now shes on One Life to Live as Gigi. I don't watch that show and don't plan on it anytime soon. I love Days! But, i love how the M's changed to G's. Mimi to Gigi! I hope she gets on another show too! she deserves it. She's hot, entertaining, and a great young actress. I look forward to seeing her appear in more things because she is a rising star. Hope you return to Days soon!moreless