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  • Farley Flex is the definition of integrity. His compassion and ability to be truthful without being hurtful is his trade mark… He appears to be the type of man you would want for a mentor, a boss or a parent.

    Farley Flex (born August 9, 1962) is a Canadian music promoter, manager of recording artists and motivational speaker who is best known for being a judge on the reality television series Canadian Idol.

    He was instrumental in founding Flow 93.5 in Toronto, the first urban music-format radio station in Canada when it first went on the air in 2001, and where he was the station's first music director and Vice President of Business Development. His success as an artist manager, radio personality and executive along with the success of the station prompted Canadian Idol's producers to select him as a judge before its 2003 launch. He is the recipient of the Bob Marley "Community Role Model Award, The Urban Music Association of Canada's Special Achievement and Media Personality of the Year Awards. Flex was the Honorary Co-chair of the successful re-election campaign of Toronto Mayor David Miller.

    Flex was manager of Maestro, Canada's first Top 10 rapper, and has also taken several former Idol contestants under his wing to promote their albums, such as Gary Beals and Toya Alexis.