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  • bentley is crap.

    i have absolutley no respect for bently..he behaves like an idiot in every music video and i mean he was diddys butler...dnt get me wrong therz nuttin wrong with being a butler but when u hold opn zip bags so ure boss pees into, then thats jus plain weird. neway hes also talentless coz all he does is hold umbrellas and pls if thats talent then i might as well head to hollywood and so should the whole world..i just discovered i knw how to hold a pen..wow im the next will smith. so mr bentley pls have some self respect..peace.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again... ugh.

    He is famous for umbrellas. How is that a talent? In most of the videos he has appeared in, he holds an umbrella. He is only famous because Diddy hired him to hold his umbrella when it rained. Worst claim to fame ever in my opinion, I don't see why and how Outkast and Usher like him.