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  • From Sex Symbol to Serious Actress!!!

    Farrah was gorgeous. She was a dream to watch on Charlie's Angels as Jill Munroe. The year Charlie's Angels premiered she also had a small part in Logan's Run on the big screen. Also that same year her famous poster was released and that sent her stardom into the stratosphere. Everbody loved Farrah and Farrah mania was everywhere. She was beautiful. When she left Charlie's Angels, she later returned for six guest episodes, she made three movies in a row, Somebody Killed Her Husband, Sunburn and Saturn 3. The movies weren't very successful but it was fun to see her on the big screen. She finally had a hit with The Cannonball Run. She later went on to get the critical acclaim she fought for with movies like The Burning Bed,Small Sacrifices,Between Two Women and Small Sacrifices. Critics also praised her work on the big screen in movies like Extremities and The Apostle. Farrah had many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations as well. She won The People's Choice award in 1977, The Cable Ace award for Margaret Bourke White. Farrah is a hollywood legend, the last of the great pinup girls who proved she more than a pretty face.