Farrah Franklin

Farrah Franklin


5/3/1980, Los Angeles,California

Birth Name

Farrah Destiny Franklin


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Farrah Destiny Franklin was acatually noticed as a star when she and Michelle Williams replaced the two original members in Destiny's child in Early 2000.She was recommended to be in the group by Kelly who she had met on the set of Bills,Bills,Bills (Farrah was an extra in).She…more


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    • Farrah: I was very quiet around the girls. I never hung out with the girls really because I felt not a part. I just didn't feel like I was being accepted. I felt like I was just being used. I was being used to finish the album. And after that, I felt like Beyoncé was going to do her solo album and we were going to be kicked to the curb. I didn't join the group to lip-synch.

    • Farrah: It was really awkward because I met LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett during the video ,LaTavia was the first person I talked to. We exchanged numbers first but her number changed, so we ended up not keeping in contact. Kelly and I talked on the phone. I was in another singing group called Jane Doe and we were going through stuff amongst our group. I didn't have the slightest idea about what was going on with Destiny's Child. I heard rumors but I didn't know.