Faustina "Fuzzy" Agolley

Faustina "Fuzzy" Agolley


London, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Faustina Agolley



Also Known As

Fuzzy Agolley
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    • Fuzzy: (on her most interesting encounter with a fan) I was at a bakery and a guy was like, "Oh my God, you were on Ready Steady Cook!" I was only on one episode but, since it's his favourite show, he kept asking me all these things about it. Then he asked if I could get him a capsicum apron and gave me his business car so I could send it to him. That was really odd. He couldn't care less that I was on Video Hits!

    • Fuzzy: (asked who her favourite celebrity to interview is) Either Pink or Fergie. They're both sassy ladies with attitude and they're very talented in their own right. Pink was very humble and beautiful - and so tiny! Fergie is blatantly honest and isn't precious at all. She sings all the time and seems really relaxed.

    • Fuzzy: (asked for her most difficult interview on "Video Hits") Armand Van Helden gave a tough interview. He'd just stepped off the plane from New York and every question I asked him, he either deflected or brushed off. I'd have to rephrase questions, and certain things I said he didn't understand. He was supposed to co-host the whole day but it was so bad we just reduced it to segments.