Faye Dunaway





1/14/1941 , Bascom, Florida

Birth Name

Dorothy Faye Dunaway




After stage work with Elia Kazan in "After The Fall" (a bit part) and "The Changeling" (a rather bigger role), Faye Dunaway had a big personal success in a play called "Hogan's Goat" and Hollywood wanted her. She was officially introduced in "The Happening", starring Anthony Quinn, and had a supporting role in "Hurry Sundown", with Michael Caine and Jane Fonda - and then she landed the role of Bonnie Parker in "Bonnie And Clyde", and she became, overnight, a huge star. It is said that she agreed to take a smaller salary in order to get above-the-title billing alongside Warren Beatty. Following up this great success proved difficult, however, and her career has overall been spotty, with too many mediocre films being interspersed with a few major landmarks - "Chinatown", "The Three Musketeers" and its sequel "The Four Musketeers" and "Network" (which finally won her an Oscar) being the most notable. She also did a highly-regarded TV production of "After The Fall" - this time in the female lead. She was never known for being easy to work with - Bette Davis (herself no big winner of popularity contests with her colleagues) called her the most difficult person she had ever worked with. In the 1990s, she did more and more television, but never with any great success.
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