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  • Whether you know her campy moments, or her moments of maddness, there is one thing you will NEVER have the chance to deny, Faye Dunaway is by far, on of the most acclaimed and well respected actresses of all time. It is because she is great!

    Perhaps the 1980 camp drama "Mommie Dearest" was a bad decision for the highly acclaimed Academy Award Winner Faye Dunaway. Even so, is that any reason to continuing the rain of punishment America seems to give her even now? I think not. When I think of Faye Dunaway, I think of brilliance, of fashionable timing, of professional stature, and of endless innovation. I have always enjoyed Ms. Dunaways effortless ways she creates a character out of thin air. Her deliverance of lines illuminates her wide range of approach to characters of all kinds. I can't think of how actresses will be in the next 10 to 20 years, but I know for a fact they will be more than 100% short of what Faye is, and has been. Somethiing I just have to justify as well, is that Faye never hams things up on a whim of any type. She digs deep, deep into the physic and emotion of the character she portrays, often resulting in some instances where she has been over-the-top at times. That is actually a good thing more so. She shows that she knows what she's doing, and that she will always be one of the most highly intellectual artists for all to see. I wish she would be more like she used to be, in more commercial projects. At lleast, she should join a prime time drama, that would be awsome!