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  • Played my hero!

    Julie. Julie. Julie. (Big sigh) What can I say? That is, Juliet Parrish from V! Faye Grant played the brilliant young scientist/doctor that stood up against the Visitors and led the resistance group into battle. I watched V habitually every Friday night during the 1984-1985 season. It was an hour long show and the plot revolved around many different characters, like more than a dozen major characters. And I can remember how frustrated I'd feel if Julie's face didn't come on the screen once and a while.
    It was very disheartening to watch the few episodes of V that Julie wasn't even in! She was so full of spunk, and pretty too. In school my friends had a V club where we would act out episodes during recess and I played Julie. Okay, I wanted to be her. She was so inspiring....
    But lets not forget the actress behind the character. A few years before V I watched Faye Grant in The Greatest American Hero regularly. I didn't notice her at the time. So it was a delight when my friend Tammie of fayegrant.com sent me reruns of The Greatest American Hero in which Faye sang. Not only is she a great actress, but boy can she sing too. And a few years ago Faye returned to TV as Tattie Makee in the Family Channel's State of Grace. It was a comedic role, showing her versitility as an actress. What a treat, to see her again after all those years!