2/13/1976, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Leslie feist



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Leslie Feist
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Feist has collaborated again with her room-mate Peaches, with backing vocals in the song Give 'Er, found on Peaches album Impeach My Bush.

    • Buck 65 appears in Feist's video for One Evening. Feist used to be the opening act of Buck's tour.

    • Feist's Albums List:

      1. Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) (1999).
      2. Let It Die (2004).
      3. Open Season (2006).
      4. The Reminder (2007).

    • Feist has released her 3rd album, Open Season, in April 18, 2006. This album contains remixes and collaborations with friends such as Gonzales, and Jamie Lidell.

    • The perfumes company Lacoste featured Feist's song Mushaboom in their commercials.

    • Feist participated in the UNICEF tribute song Do They Know It's Hallowe'en? in 2005.

    • Juno 2006 Awards:

      Feist won the Alternative Album of the Year Award with Broken Social Scene, for their title album.

      Feist was nominated for the Single of the Year Award for Inside and Out.

    • Feist's Singles List:

      1. Mushaboom (2004).
      2. One Evening (2004).
      3. Inside and Out (2005).
      4. Secret Heart (2006).

    • Feist's best friend is Jason Beck (an MC called Gonzales). They worked together on her releases, sang as a duo around Europe, and they're both from Toronto.

    • Feist sang a duet with Jane Birkin, The Simple Story, that was included in his latest disc.

    • On Placebo's tour, Feist had strained her voice too much. There was a true danger to her vocal cords, and she was told she might not be able to sing again. After a year of recovering, she got back to playing and then to singing, slowly.

    • Feist's Sun Astrology sign is Aquarius.

    • Feist's Chinese Astrology sign is Dragon - a lucky, warm-hearted person who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

    • Feist was nominated in 2004 to a Video of the Year Juno Award for One Evening clip.

    • Feist was awarded New Artist of the Year by Juno Awards in 2004.

    • Feist won an Alternative Album of the Year Juno Award in 2004 for her album Let it Die.

    • In 2003, Feist won an Alternative Album of the Year Juno Award with Broken Social Scene band for the album You Forgot It in People.

    • Feist's second solo album, Let It Die, was a mix of jazz, bossa nova and indie rock. It was one of the best Canadian Pop albums in 2004.

    • Feist recorded her second, much more famous and accomplished album, Let It Die, in Paris, in 2002-2003.

    • Feist collaborated with the norwegian duo Kings of Convenience. She was a guest vocalist on their Riot on an Empty Street album.

    • Feist was a guest vocalist in The Teaches of Peaches band in 2000.

    • Feist's debut solo album, Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down), was released in 1999.

    • Feist joined as the guitarist to By Divine Right band, in 1999.

    • Feist first was lead vocalist of the Canadian band Placebo (not the British one). The band won the Battle of the Bands and got a slot at the Ramones concert.

    • Feist has covered Fred Sexsmith's song Secret Heart (in her Let It Die album).

    • Feist's birth name is Leslie Feist.

  • Quotes

    • Feist: If you believe the good press, you have to believe the bad press, and I'd rather not take any of that into consideration when I write and think about recording the next record.

    • Feist: For me, music is in the choice of what not to play as much as in what you've chosen to play.

    • Feist: (about approaching music): I guess I would say the way a body has bones, a song has a melody. And I'm most interested in the bones. I like to dress up the melodies, that's the recording. And then slow dance with them. That's the gig.

    • Feist: (being asked what the point of music is) That's in the ear of the beholder.

    • Feist: I spent so much time touring other people's music, which I loved, but if you're going to be exhausted and broke, you might as well be that way with your own seed in the ground that you're watering.

    • Feist: Let it Die (her latest album) couldn't have been made in Canada, only because I've got a lot of baggage here. I've got a lot of people I love, people I used to love.

    • Feist: Recording is almost like going to see a movie -- you go into this dark place with its own air, and you could be in Greece, or Texas, and it doesn't matter.

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  • I absolutely LOVE their sound!!!

    I absolutely LOVE their sound!!! It's completely unique, undoubtedly. And their music videos are incredible. They are so simple, yet incredible. And they fit the music almost perfectly. Feist has made some of my favorite music videos. I never get tired of watching them which is saying a lot because usually I get soooo bored after watching a music video a few times. Feist is just absolutely awesome. They have a fresh and genuine sound, and they're just the right kind of band we need in the music mainstream. They bring something new to the table and keep music interesting. They're just awesome. Period.moreless