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Felicia Day

Felicia Day


6/28/1979, Huntsville Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Kathryn Felicia Day



Also Known As

Felicia Danielle Day
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Felicia Day spent the first 16 years of her life being home-schooled as her family moved frequently throughout the Southern United States. She started college two years early, studying first the violin and then mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. From the time she was very…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • She writes, produces, directs and stars in the Guild - and earns awards too!! How can you not give her a plug in the news section!?!?!?

    I'm Shocked to not see in the news that Felicia just got the best female actor in a comedy web series, award and no mention of it.

    You have just a tiny sentence of her EXTREMELY popular series at all and it won 3 awards. Whereas Dr. Horrible is the big news. Yes, it is Joss. Yes, he is wonderful. But it was 3-4 episodes? I don't recall, but it is over. The Guild has had 2 seasons on the web, and it is still going. Felicia writes it, produces it, directs it and stars in it. Give the woman her due!!! She is awesome and a geek!! I love her! She gives all us lady geeks hope!

    Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series

    The Guild ( )

    Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series

    Felicia Day - (The Guild) ( )

    Best Comedy Web Series

    The Guild ( )

    Go Felicia -- it is YOUR day!! PS - you got to meet and be with James on a daily basis squeeee!!!moreless