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    TV.com has set a ceiling on the number of quotes that can be submitted to an editorless guide to ten (10). I've set mine to fifteen (15). If you think your potential quote submission is more interesting and/or more up-to-date, PM me first before replacing any existing quote on the guide.

    I've transferred some of the excess quotes from the Quotes Section of the guide. Please feel free to add on quotes to this thread.

    Felicity Huffman: (comparing herself to her "Desperate Housewives" character, Lynette Scavo) Well, for one thing, I would have raised my hand and called 'Uncle' long before Lynette did. I would have said I need help: 'We either have to move your mother here, or move my mother here and you cannot work as much.' The other thing is, Lynette fudges the truth to her kids, but I wouldn't.

    Felicity Huffman
    : (on her "Desperate Housewives" castmate Marcia Cross being wed) I have never seen a more beautiful bride than Marcia. The ceremony was wonderful and her sister's singing was great. You stand there with your husband and as they are saying their vows, you kind of renew yours.

    Felicity Huffman
    : (on her husband, William H. Macy) The biggest trouble I have with my husband is getting him to go to the dentist. He's a big baby about it.

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