Felicity Kendal





9/25/1946 , Olton Warwickshire, England

Birth Name

Felicity Ann Kendal




Felicity is the daughter of actor Geoffrey Bragg who changed his name to Kendal after the lakes district and actress Laura Liddel, Felicity's parents toured with ENSA during WWII and later went to India with their touring company "Shakespereana" that did traveling Shakespeare plays

for twenty years.
In 1965 Merchant Ivory Productions produced the first movie starring the whole Kendal family called "Shakespeare Wallah"
After Shakepeare Wallah's success Felicity moved to England to start an acting career which thrives to this day. One of her first appearences was in "Mayfly And The Frog"
Her big break came in 1975 with the BBC comedy "The Good Life" She was then an overnight phenomenon.
Felicity went on to her first TV comedy "Solo" then "The Mistress" and "Honey For Tea.
Felicity then stayed in theatre. Felicity was in many productions by Pater Hall and Tom Stoppard.
Movies include "The Camomile Lawn" and Parting Shots.

She was previously married to the actor Drewe Henley, and later to actor Michael Rudman.

Felicity has two children, Charley and Jake.