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  • Third Watch

    Just a suggestion, you need to make the show like THIRD WATCH, you guys produced that show from 1999 thru 2006 and you have Carlos on the this Show. THIRD WATCH was one of the best show's ever made, were it involoved the police dept, paramedics, and firfighters in NEW YORK, you make Southland like THIRD WATCH you will get viewers,make characters like SULLY,FAITH and most of all BOSCO and dont forget SGT CRUZ and TI,TRY to get Sgt CRUZ or Bosco on this show. I hope you comsider using THIRD WATCH as a starting point for next season,THIRD WATCH!!!!!!
  • Awful director

    This man is responsible for the worst Battlestar Galactica episodes. "Exodus" was simply a ton of action and, while much of that can be blamed on the writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, Alcala's work hardly helped matters. Even the actors expressed dislike for his disrespect toward them in a November 2006 roundtable podcast. He also did a terrible job directing the direct to video and TV movie "Razor", which lacked much at the script stage, perhaps, in rehashing the events of the incredible episodes "Pegasus" and "Resurrection Ship." The drama simply lacked the power of the usual Battlestar Galactica and events that were supposed to be infused with emotional power, including a scene in the wake of rape and torture and another involving the massacre of civilians were poorly handled to the point of not conveying what the scene required. Ultimately it is Ron Moore's responsibility for hiring such a lousy director and then rehiring him again when it was obvious he wasn't up to the job -- beyond doing the job on time and on budget. So many other directors on the show deserved such an honor of directing the first TV movie.