Fenella Fielding





11/17/1927 , Stepney, London, England

Birth Name

Fenella Feldman




Would it be cruel or unfair to describe Fenella Fielding as the actress producers hired if a role wasn't big enough or good enough for Joan Greenwood? Perhaps. After all, her skills as a comedienne were best demonstrated in sketches or cameos in movies and TV episodes, and her theatrical fame was originally centred around revues, rather than plays. Her style was less grand, her vehicles less posh - yet that voice was so very like Greenwood's (plummy and husky and sexy all at once), and when she played Gwendolyn in a TV production of "The Importance Of Being Earnest", one couldn't but suspect that she'd studied Greenwood's performance in the same role (in the 1952 movie version) very closely indeed. Similarly, her role in the 1969 film "Where's Jack?" bore unmissable similarities to Greenwood's in "Tom Jones" six years earlier, albeit on a lower level of stylishness. Still, she was an entertaining lady - in short bursts, at least - in films and TV from the end of the 50s through to the mid-70s, and then she seemed to vanish from the mass media into the coterie world of the theatre. There seems to be no foundation to the claim once made by a British newspaper that she was the sister of the comedian Marty Feldman.