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  • I'm serious here! The guy caused a big spark in the Cold War, you know he's a vital part of history!

    Fidel Castro... there's really not a way I can pinpoint what I want to say about him. People think he's the worst thing in modern North American history because he's a Communist. Sure, he may be a brutal dictator, but I think Cuba's economy could be far worse now if it had not have had Soviet backup for almost 30 years. The Cuban economy was sure to collapse anyhow under capitalism, as many Central American countries have. Castro's centralization of the government lead to maybe poverty, but since under communism, people allegedly have an equal distribution of wealth and work, people have had jobs. There will always be slums and poverty in the world, there is no exeception. You walk down the streets of any major American city, you'll see a homeless person. I think Castro is doing a good job keeping Cuba in shape, and the finding of oil off the Cuban coast will only strengthen his international influence. The oil companies will be drooling over his empire any day now for some of that oil.