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Fifi has become a familiar voice in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane through her hit radio show The Shebang, which she co-hosts for Triple M. Her early career was spent in regional Australia working at stations 2MC/ROXFM Port Macquarie, 3TR Traralgon and 3GG Warragul. In 2000 Fifi co-hosted a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Fifi was one of the celebrities pranked on the series Surprise Surprise Gotcha which aired 9th October, 2007.

    • Fifi lost 10 kilos during her time on Dancing with the Stars.

    • Fifi did a performing arts degree at university.

    • Fifi has a co-hosting gig at the 2007 Logies in Australia.

    • Fifi was the runner up in Dancing with the Stars, 2007.

    • Fifi is good friends with Kate Ceberano.

    • Fifi was once nicknamed 'Australia's answer to Bridget Jones'.

    • In rehearsal for week 8 of Dancing with the Stars, Fifi tripped while coming down the stairs on the stage, which resulted in torn ligaments and a heavily bruised ankle. She still managed to dance the paso doble that night though.

    • Fifi was a former Tintern school captain in Victoria.

    • In 2006, Fifi filmed a pilot with Marty Sheargold of The Shebang chat show concept called The Late Night Little Big Show. The show also included the comedians Glenn Robbins and Tony Martin.

    • Fifi is a supporter of the Western Bulldogs in the AFL.

    • In 2005 Fifi and her radio co-host Marty Sheargold released The Shebang: Rebanged!, which is an audio highlights compilation album.

    • Fifi supported Learning For Life on Dancing with the Stars, which is a specialist school for children with autism.

    • Fifi's co-host on her radio show The Shebang is Marty Sheargold.

    • When doing a snow report as a Snow Bunny, Fifi accidently revealed on air that she was not at the snow, but that she was in a supermarket carpark.

    • On one occasion Fifi left her microphone on during a song and broadcast a rather heated argument with boyfriend (including expletives) to all of Gippsland. She was subsequently taken off that afternoon shift.

    • Fifi's stint as a newsreader didn't last long, she was sacked because she was unable to sound 'serious' and laughed during a news story.

    • For her job as stunt reporter for the Breakfast timeslot, Fifi stripped naked along with another 180 women and joined in a rain dance in aid of the drought.

    • On Fifi's first shift on the Breakfast Show she rang a potential love interest to confess to him that she was not French and her name was not Pascale (a rouse she created on a drunken night out). He unceremoniously dumped her on air and Fifi instantly won legions of fans.

    • In January 2007, Fifi was refused entry to Harrods, after a security tag that was accidentally left in her new coat set the alarms off.

    • Fifi is a co-host of The Shebang on the Triple-M station. She is one of the highest paid women on Australian FM radio.

  • Quotes

    • Fifi: I'm a sleep junkie. I normally need 10 hours a night. I think that's the reason behind me falling down the stairs and spraining my ankle on national TV.

    • Fifi: The job I got at Triple M was for being the opposite of what they thought they wanted.

    • Fifi: [When asked if she ever expected to do so well on Dancing with the Stars] NO WAY - and thats in capitals! I really didn't. I looked at the line up and I was totally intimidated by who else was on it. It was like Dancing with the Stars... and Fifi Box!

    • Fifi: (on being asked to present at the 2007 Logie Awards) I do feel incredibly honoured and I hope that I'm up to it. I'm not too worried about it yet, as I've been busy with Dancing With The Stars. And besides, I have died that many times on TV. Having done things like Thank God You're Here, walking onto a stage and having no idea how to handle a situation is something I'm actually quite used to. I'm also putting it out there that I hope people don't expect too much from me because then they won't be disappointed.

    • Fifi: (on being chosen to present at the 2007 Logie Awards) I didn't even expect to be invited, so when they rang and the producer told me they wanted me to host, I said, 'Are you kidding? Me? Why? That's crazy!' I said yes immediately. Come on- it's the Logies.

    • Fifi: Tibetan women have this ritual of ploughing the fields naked to bring on rain, so the breakfast show decided to get as many female listeners as possible out to an oval to strip off and dance. I was up on a stage, wearing a ceremonial robe but when 180 naked women started chanting, 'You get yours off,' I felt obliged to join in. It was just the most liberating experience.

    • Fifi: [talking about Dancing with the Stars] It's always been one of my regrets, not being able to learn to dance. I'm in there for the experience and to have a bit of fun.

    • Fifi: I'm so uncoordinated and unfit, during my high school rock eisteddfod, I was put in the back row so no one could see me.

    • Fifi: [talking about Dancing with the Stars] The best thing about doing this show is that I'll be able to prepare.

    • Fifi Box: The naked rain dance was definitely a turning point.

    • Fifi Box: This is all I've ever wanted to do. I think back to that broom closet and those years of copywriting and misery and think, this is as good as it gets.

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