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Finger Eleven


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Rainbow Butt Monkeys
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Finger Eleven are a successful Canadian alternative rock band formed in 1994 under the name "Rainbow Butt Monkeys". The original name was controversial and people objected to it, which is why they eventually changed it to Finger Eleven. The band members are: Scott Anderson (vocals), Rick Jackett (guitar),…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Their song Good Times was featured in the game SSX 3.

    • Their song Stay in Shadow was on the soundtrack of Burnout 3: Takedown.

    • They released their DVD Us-vs-Then-vs-Now on December 4th, 2007.

    • Finger Eleven's album The Greyest of Blue Skies went Gold in Canada selling 50,000 copies.

    • Their video for One Thing won the 2004 MuchMusic Video Award for Best Video.

    • The first single they released was Circles.

    • The band is with Wind-up Records.

    • iTunes nameed their song Paralyzer the number 1 Rock song of 2007.

    • Barnaby Roper directed their video Paralyzer.

    • Finger Eleven's song Paralyzer debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at number 97.

    • Their album Them vs. You vs. Me has sold 400,000 copies in the US.

    • The band performed their hit single Paralyzer at the 2007 NHL Awards, and then performed the same song at the 2007 Much Music Video Awards later in the week.

    • Finger Eleven recorded a song titled Slow Chemical which was used as the theme song for the enormously popular World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Kane.

    • The bands original drummer Rob Gommerman was replaced by Rich Beddoe shortly after the release of Tip.

    • On their 2007 record Them vs. You vs. Me the band has stepped out of their hard rock roots into a more funky sound that lead singer Scott Anderson classified as "dance rock".

    • Finger Eleven's singles:
      Circles" (1995)
      Danananana (1995)
      As Far As I Can Spit (1996)
      Tip (1997)
      Quicksand (1998)
      Above (1999)
      First Time (2000)
      Drag You Down (2000)
      Bones + Joints (2000)
      Slow Chemical (2002)
      Good Times (2003)
      One Thing (2003)
      Absent Elements (2004)
      Stay In Shadow (2004)
      Thousand Mile Wish (2004)
      Paralyzer (2007)
      Falling On (2007)
      I'll Keep Your Memory Vague

    • Album: Them vs. You vs. Me
      Release Date: March 6, 2007
      Label: Wind-up Records
      "Paralyzer" - 3:28
      "Falling On" - 3:07
      "I'll Keep Your Memory Vague" - 3:46
      "Lost My Way" - 3:59
      "So-So Suicide" - 3:16
      "Window Song" - 3:39
      "Sense Of A Spark" - 2:55
      "Talking To The Walls" - 4:04
      "Change The World" - 3:46
      "Gather & Give" - 3:11
      "Easy Life" - 5:12

    • Album: Finger Eleven
      Release Date: June 17, 2003
      Label: Wind-up Records
      "Other Light" – 2:51
      "Complicated Questions" – 3:16
      "Stay in Shadow" – 3:15
      "Good Times" – 3:55
      "Absent Elements" – 4:00
      "Thousand Mile Wish" – 4:59
      "Conversations" – 3:34
      "The Last Scene of Struggling" – 3:15
      "Panic Attack" – 3:32
      "Therapy" – 4:49
      "One Thing" – 4:39
      "Obvious Heart" – 4:20

    • Album: The Greyest of Blue Skies
      Release Date: July 25, 2000
      Label: Wind-up Records
      "First Time" – 4:26
      "Drag You Down" – 3:21
      "My Carousel" – 3:43
      "Sick Of It All" – 3:18
      "For The Ocean" – 2:56
      "Broken Words" – 3:27
      "Suffocate" – 3:44
      "Bones + Joints" – 3:47
      "Famous" – 4:08
      "Walking In My Shoes" – 3:52
      "Stay And Drown" – 4:23

    • Album: Tip
      Release Date: 1997
      Label: Mercury Records
      "Quicksand" – 4:06
      "Tip" – 3:40
      "Shudder" – 3:25
      "Awake And Dreaming" – 3:35
      "Above" – 3:42
      "Condenser" – 3:08
      "Thin Spirits" – 3:26
      "Glimpse" – 3:30
      "Costume For A Gutterball" – 4:38
      "Temporary Arms" – 4:08
      "Swallowtail" – 4:23

    • Album: Letters From Chutney (as 'Rainbow Butt Monkeys')
      Release Date: 1995
      Label: Mercury Records
      "As Far As I Can Spit" – 3:56
      "Danananana" – 4:54
      "Brat" – 3:57
      "Circles" – 4:31
      "Spiderprints" – 4:01
      "Nibber" – 3:34
      "Dropping" – 3:41
      "St. Louis" – 3:15
      "Scrumpy" – 3:22
      "Cake" – 4:22
      "Cookin' in the Kitchen" – 5:22
      "Let's Pretend" – 4:47

  • Quotes

    • James Black: (on their album Them vs. You vs. Me) If we had had a clear idea of where we wanted to go to, we probably could have done it a lot quicker. It was just a big random gathering of ideas.

    • Scott Anderson: We put our money where our mouth is. Every band loves their fans, or they say they do. I mean after shows and stuff it's cool to hang out, it really is. Sometimes it's logistically hard, but at the point when we were in Chicago, we had been out of touch with pretty much everyone for nearly two years and apart from that, we were reading stuff on our website that was turning into really fucked up rumours. We thought okay, we can give at least a few fans the straight double of what's going on. How's the record progressing, is Scott really married, you know what I mean? Dispel fucked up rumours and try to get back in touch. It was pretty successful. It was a fun thing and we had people calling from all over the place and it would kind of constantly ring, so if you felt like picking it up and talking to people, it was always there.

    • Scott Anderson: Don't you think that for a lot of bands, maybe bands starting out, they have better gear than they even need. It's in total excess of your ability. Just because you have a Les Paul doesn't mean you deserve to play one, correct?