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  • Trivia

    • Finola and Russell adopted for the second time in April of 2008, becoming parents to three children. They adopted a 4 month old girl they named Sadie Beatrice Young.

    • Finola's father passed away in 1985 due to a heart attack.

    • Finola is friend of Kelly Ripa, Ian Buchanan and Donna Rosenstein.

    • Finola has appeared on three different soap operas as the character, "Anna Devane." From 1985-1991 and again from 2006 until the present, Finola has appeared on the ABC daytime drama series, General Hospital as Anna. In 2001, she reprised the character of Anna on another ABC daytime drama series, All My Children, after playing Anna's twin sister, Alex, for two years. In 2008, Finola crossed her Anna character over to the General Hospital spin-off series, General Hospital: Night Shift for three episodes.

    • Finola appeared as the X-Men character Emma Frost in the 1996 TV movie Generation X.

    • In April 2006, it was announced that Finola would return to General Hospital in May 2006 as part of a May Sweeps period, in which three General Hospital veterans will return. She received such a great response, that she returned to General Hospital from June 30, 2006 for a limited run through August of 2006.

    • She is also an acclaimed author having released her first book, Soapsuds, in June 2005.

    • Finola appeared in the series finale of Charmed along with Jennifer Rhodes, James Read, Wesley Ramsey and Drew Fuller.

    • Finola won a 1991 Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Daytime Drama.

    • On Charmed, Finola gets more fan mail than the actual stars of the show.

    • Finola and Russell adopted a son in 2005. They named him Cash Justice.

    • Finola originated the role of Victoria in the original London world premiere production of Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    • Finola is of Irish (her father) and Italian (her mother)heritage.

    • Finola is married to Russell Young. She married him on July 4, 1992 and they have two children.

    • Finola is 5'5" in height.

    • Finola appeared in Good Day LA on August 2, 2005.

    • Finola was in daytime's Greatest Weddings in 2004.

    • In 2000, Finola was nominated in the 27th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

    • Finola was featured on A&E Biography as herself from her role in All My Children in 2003.

    • Finola has a son named Dylan Joseph and he was born on November 9, 2000.

  • Quotes

    • Finola: I really enjoyed working with John Travolta. I like to laugh when I'm working, and obviously there are serious moments - but John is a giggler and has a great sense of humor. And he really likes to do stupid things.

    • Finola: I met a couple of people at the Emmys, and they were a little off with me, and I sort of was surprised. Then of course later I was like, Duh! Of course they probably didn't care for the book. But you know, it's all in fun. It's not accurate— it's a sort of fun look at how my life kind of evolved during that period. And I like to exaggerate. Luckily I didn't write ''A memoir'' on the front. It is a novel. So I'm not gonna be on Oprah anytime soon.

    • Finola: (About keeping up with the storylines on General Hospital) Yes. I watch it from time to time because I really enjoy Tony Geary's work a lot (as Luke Spencer), and I love to see Kimberly. I have a lot of friends who are still on the show.

    • Finola: (About the possibility of her return to General Hospital) I don't know. Perhaps. That's about all I can say because, you know, it's not up to me.

    • Finola: When I joined General Hospital as Anna, it was a part I never thought I'd get, because I'm as British as Emma Samms, and the producers wanted an American Anna. I was so surprised when they chose me, I jumped up and down for joy.