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Fiona Avery started as a reference editor on "Babylon 5" during the 5th season in order to maintain the continuity, especially with the licensees. She performed the same job on Babylon 5's spin-off "Crusade" where she started to write scripts for she show of which 3 were bought…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her comic book "Arana" won the Big Apple award in 2004. "Latina Magazine" selected the leading character of that book as "Woman of the Year!"

    • Fiona's favourite movie is "Emma" featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. Her favourite writer is Emily Dickinson.

    • Fiona studied archeology at Indiana University and has a degree in Cultural Anthropology. She specialized in pre-history, comparative religious studies, palynology, forensics and Medieval European weaponry.

    • Her middle name, "Kai", is Japanese and has several meanings like: understanding, innovation or world. Interestingly, "Kai" is used as a boy's name in Japan.

    • Fiona is fascinated by the way of the Samurai, which is heavily featured in her work like "No Honor" or "Witchblade: Obakemono".

    • Fiona Avery published her first novel, "The Crown Rose", in 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Fiona Avery: I believe that science fiction explores the impact of technology on people. I agree that some shows are Sci-Fi, and some shows are science fiction. I think it's rare to find science fiction on television or the big screen today. For me, true science fiction is not about "eye-candy" although if you can slip that in as well, it's not so bad for your ratings.

    • Fiona Avery: I guess because I am a historian and archaeologist, I use parallels when I write what will happen in a hypothetical future, and through those parallels I tend to tell stories that may have a universal appeal to an audience.

    • Fiona Avery: (About Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Stracynski) Joe's got a compass that points True North. He's the nicest guy on the planet. But if he starts to smell bullshit, if the compass turns south, he'll nail it without a second thought. A lot of people practice bullshit on a regular basis and don't see it coming, don't realize he just doesn't tolerate it. That's generally where they get their heads handed to them. I get along great with Joe because I tolerate bullshit even less than he does. There are times when he's held me back and said, 'Not worth it.' So, yeah, nicest guy in the world - just don't bullshit him.

    • Fiona Avery: (About her "Crusade" episode "Well of Forever") For those who have seen the Fen Humping Ship scene, we decided to start filming with that to 'break the ice' and our director was showing the actors how to lurch forward every time she said 'HUMP! and ... HUMP!' After a while, when no one could keep a straight face, someone shouted out: Who writes this shit? That was the best specific memory I have, I think.

    • Fiona Avery: I like consequences in a story, even before I was a writer I was drawn to consequences in storytelling. It makes for visceral and real reading.

    • Fiona Avery: Oscar Wilde once said, 'Hearts are made to be broken.' I think he was talking about taking risks. It's not enough to sit behind a screen and write safe stories in a safe corner of the industry. It's important to take risks even if it means failure and it breaks your heart. Everytime your heart is torn a little bit like any muscle, it regrows stronger, so even failures are a way to strengthen you a little each time you try.