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Fiona Horne is an Australian singer, rock musician, model, actor, author and witch. She is most famous for her public promotion of witchcraft and as the singer in Australian band Def FX. She has also written several books on witchcraft.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Fiona played matchmaker to Dannii Minogue and AFL footballer Marcus Baldwin, introducing the pair at a dinner last year. In April 2007 it was revealed the romance had taken off.

    • Fiona attended the Pagan Day Festival in Los Angeles in November 2006.

    • In the 1990s, Fiona was the lead singer (and songwriter) for the band DEF FX. Her success with the band helped her achieve a broadcasting and publishing career which has seen her write, produce and host on TV shows such as the UK love advice series Sexy Spells, Australia's Beauty And The Beast and the US hit Mad House.

    • When Fiona was 27, she decided to track down her biological parents and obtained her mother's name and last known place of work from the adoption agency.

    • Fiona's adoptive mother and biological mother met for the first time in July 2006.

    • While Fiona was on Celebrity Survivor, her tribe, the 'Moso tribe', secretly stole biscuits and sugar from the crew.

    • Fiona's eighth novel, Bewitch A Man, was released in 2006 and immediately became a best seller.

    • Fiona is an accomplished SCUBA diver.

    • Fiona has written eight bestselling books on witchcraft.

    • Fiona is a licensed snake handler.

    • Fiona's luxury item for the Australian edition of Celebrity Survivor was her pack of tarot cards.

    • Fiona is a white witch.

  • Quotes

    • Fiona: (on meeting her biological mother, Erika, for the first time) I was so nervous. The door opened and she said: 'You didn't get my nose, but my poor darling, you got my fine hair'.

    • Fiona: (on organising to meet her biological mother for the first time) I pretended I was doing a study on the effects of immigration on new Australians post WW11. So first I called Erika (her mother), asked a few questions and got to know about her. I didn't want to barge into her life and shock her. I said I would explain more about what I was doing in a letter.

    • Fiona: (after Celebrity Survivor) I lost half my hair in a massive dreadlock and had to tear it out. That was the first thing I fixed when I got back to LA.

    • Fiona: (on stealing sugar from the crew's coffee area at the first tribal council on Celebrity Survivor) I kept one for myself and gave the rest to my tribe because I knew we needed energy. And the other tribe were winning the food all the time!

    • Fiona: (on stealing food during Celebrity Survivor) This humungous storm blew over and they stuck us all in a crew van, and straightaway I saw on the ground a bag full of Arnotts biscuits. Imogen and Nicolle and Amber were in the back of the van, and Justin and I were in the front two seats, and we were just grabbing these things and throwing them at them, just saying, 'Eat it, quickly'. We hadn't eaten for two days - we had one pawpaw or something - so we shovelled this food in.

    • Fiona: (on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor) They say it's not about being the fittest, it's about who you can align yourself with and the mind games you play. But if anything, that's going to be my weak spot because my mother's always said I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm very trusting and I'd sooner think something good of someone. If someone's falling behind or having trouble, I'm more likely to turn around and help them… I just don't want to be the first voted off. If I could make it to the final five I would be the happiest girl in the world.

    • Fiona: People might think I live the Hollywood life but I'm actually a real outdoorsy person and I love roughing it. When I travel myself, I always go somewhere like the Philippines or Bali...I like to go somewhere where you just sleep in a $2 shack on the beach, scuba dive and just hang out with the locals eating the local food.

    • Fiona: (on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor) My witchcraft gave me an edge in that I was not confronted by this very raw, natural environment. I felt that I was held close in the arms of the universe.