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  • Fiona Vera

    I have to say when Prisoner Cell Block H was aired in the US back in 79-80 I was 14-15 years old I loved the show, I never realized back then that the show went past 2 seasons - thank goodness for You Tube I finally get to see all that I missed.

    Anyway reason for the review, watching the show as an adult is a bit different then as a teenager and I am thouroughly enjoying the difference- back then the screws were mean (just like some teachers) the inmates were the favorites- now I still like my favorite inmates Bea is still tops- but Vera Bennett- the one you loved to hate!! I absolutely love her if you told me then I would someday feel that way I would have said you're crazy! but here I am saying it she was one of if not the best character, with all her layers - the show never should have let the character and Fiona go, big mistake- Fiona's talent "top notch- Kudos!!

    I watched Home and Away on YouTube from 2008- 7/2013 (can't seem to get it anymore) anyway when the celia character came back in 2013 I was floored when I saw an older vera staring back- it's because of that I checked Youtube for Prisoner- and there is was available! So I've been playing catch up- I just hope I can enjoy it as much without Vera- well everyone will have to step up. Thanks Fiona!!