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  • Though he is probably best known for his role as Chuck Fishman on \"Early Edition\", I think his role as Ben, the creator of Johnny 5 in Short Circuit, was a much better showcase for Fisher Stevens\' versatility.

    Stevens was already an accomplished actor while still in his teens, mostly on Broadway, as well as off-Broadway plays, films and television shows, ranging from \"Torch Song Trilogy\" to soap operas. But the character of Ben called for him to become someone from another race and culture, and to then poke fun at Ben\'s language mishaps and poor personal grooming without being disrespectful to his race and culture.

    His ability to make you believe he is really Indian and to say lines like, \"Her pants are blazing for you, Newton Crosby,\" without cracking up is a tribute to his acting teachers Dan Fauci and Uta Hagen as well as his own considerable talent.

    It\'s a shame he didn\'t have the dashing good looks to be a leading man. He really should have been received more recognition for his work than he has. I guess the good news is that as he gets older, he will still be able to play the character roles that have served him so well.