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  • More Pictures William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., better known as Flavor Flav (born March 16, 1959), is a rap artist and member of the influential and politically-conscious rap group Public Enemy. Born in Roosevelt, New York,

    Flavor Flav the all time GREATEST! He has a very unique sense of style that sets him apart from any other rapper.He always has a clock over his neck with the wrong time REBEL!! He has been on the surreal life with Bridgette Neilson who he falls deeply in love with during the show! Was so in love they were on another show after called Strange Love where he's always trying to impress her and always treated her right the only problem was she had a boyfriend at that time, so he was alwas tring to compete with him. He asked her to marry him and she turned him down on the show. so he made a show called Flavor of Love where he brought women into his manssion and tried to set apart the golddiggers from the lovers. He soon fell in love with a contestant named Hoopz who he picked and she went along with it for a day and dumped him so hes had his heart broken two time thelast few months.A while after the break-up he made Flavor of Love2 where he was still finding a true woman.Flav soon picks one more woman and to this day theyre still together.
  • Flavor Flav is strange. He can be very funny at times and then there are moments when I shake my head in disbelief. I don't think he was taking any of the women seriously. That's entertainment!

    Flavor Flav is just as dramatic as New York and inspite of her name on the show I don't believe anyone actually sees her as the epitome of all women from New York. So New Yorkers, don't get alarmed. We must seperate the real from the sublime. My concern with Flavor is his decision to bring New York back to the show only to reject her again. That was a mess. I find him to be every bit as ridiculous and over the top as New York and for this reason, they probably are perfect for each other. In the not so distant future, London Charles will become boring to Flavor after a few months. She is functioning on an entirely different plane than he and New York. Furthermore, does she really want Flavor to be her daughter's step-dad? I perish the thought. Girl you can do better. Her mom should have been every bit as livid as New York's mom. Life is what it is and you can't force yourself to be something you are not. London is a classy lady who will soon wake up from this nightmare. No disrespect to Flavor, but you're out of your league BOYYYY!
  • Flavor Flav is hilarious...but sometimes stupid.

    Flavor Flav is pretty funny. I like him when he was in the Surreal Life 2 because he always did funny things around the cast. I think that his new show, Flavor of Love, is so funny. He's a lucky man getting to get busy with some of those women. But sometimes he acts really dumb and stupid...maybe because he is. LOL But anyways, he has some pretty good songs even though I wasn't in to Public Enemy. I wonder what he is gonna do after his own reality show ends. Maybe this time around he will actually find love.
  • Flalvor of Love Season 2: I watch the flavor of love with my teenagee childredn ages 18 and 17. We like the show enteratinment. I am from Queens N.Y. and grew up in St. Albans. The show overall is very funny.

    Although I like the show and I think Flav is cool. I also think he\'s alot smarter than people give him credit to be. I think \"New York \" is a disgrace. Her antics are an embarassement to the real women from New York. She is classless. I really don't think she would last long in an arena with women of substance or in an arena with some one with a brain the size of a of a pea. She is a terrible portrait of women from New york. Not only does she have menatl issues she behaves like she rode the short bus. Actual I think they made her walk.
    I am orginally from Queens N.Y. and if she lived in my neighborhood her mother would be afriad to let her outside for walks. She would not have lasted two seconds. Not that I grew up in the hood becasue I did'nt. She has no real back bone and punks the people she can intimidate. She would not last five minutes in a room with a real New York woman. She has no idea of what real class is. After seeing her mother no wonder she has no class. It's like watching two Banshees. They are sick. That house hold is pure drama. The husband has got to be heavliy medicated. What's up with the bunny tail hair-do dad.
    They are a riot.
  • he's okay but sometimes he can be a clown.

    Flavor Flav is kind of weird. He's okay but sometimes he can be a clown. I hate the way he dresses. Sometimes it's just too much. The clock is okay. It 's his symbol. Some of the stuff he be whereing is just out there. I couldn't stand working with him everyday. Every once and a while would be okay, but I'd have to say something to him otherwise.