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  • Flavor Flav is strange. He can be very funny at times and then there are moments when I shake my head in disbelief. I don't think he was taking any of the women seriously. That's entertainment!

    Flavor Flav is just as dramatic as New York and inspite of her name on the show I don't believe anyone actually sees her as the epitome of all women from New York. So New Yorkers, don't get alarmed. We must seperate the real from the sublime. My concern with Flavor is his decision to bring New York back to the show only to reject her again. That was a mess. I find him to be every bit as ridiculous and over the top as New York and for this reason, they probably are perfect for each other. In the not so distant future, London Charles will become boring to Flavor after a few months. She is functioning on an entirely different plane than he and New York. Furthermore, does she really want Flavor to be her daughter's step-dad? I perish the thought. Girl you can do better. Her mom should have been every bit as livid as New York's mom. Life is what it is and you can't force yourself to be something you are not. London is a classy lady who will soon wake up from this nightmare. No disrespect to Flavor, but you're out of your league BOYYYY!