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Flex Alexander

Flex Alexander


4/15/1970, new york city, the bronx

Birth Name

Mark Knox



Also Known As

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Biography: Bronx born and raised, Flex got his in entertainment as a dancer and choreographer, working with the rap trio sensation Salt 'N Pepa as well as for recording artists such as Queen Latifah, Toni Tony Tone, Heavy D. And The Boys and Mary J. Blige. He also…more


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  • Flex Alexander is a very talented individual he\\\'s hilarious on the show One On One yet he plays an excellent role in his sensitivity and taking charge in his On Screen daughter\\\'s life Been recording show since the beginnimoreless

    Flex Alexander is not only handsome and charming

    but he is also very talented

    I love the show One On One and i think he\\\'s amazing

    he definitely fits into his role on the show

    and brings life to it as well

    not to mention he\\\'s very funny

    and he brings tears to my eyes

    from either laughing or the emotional

    personna that he inputs into his character on the show

    I wish and hope he continues his success

    and branches even further than before

    I give flex Alexander

    10 starz plusmoreless
  • Flex Alexander is an above average actor.

    I've gotten to the point where I hardly put anything in the summary, so I've got enough smart stuff to say in review.

    Flex Alexander stars as well... Flex, in my new favorite show, "One on One". He's the father of the main character in this show, Brenna Barnes played by Kyla Pratt. I'll say his acting is great. He's a funny guy, really. But he's one of my least favorite characters in One on One because he's denies my favorite couple in the show. Breanna and Arnaz.

    He's been the stopping point on so many important decisions made by Breanna or Arnaz in their relationship. But other than that, he is funny, a great actor-so that is why I grade him as an above average actor.moreless