Flip Wilson

Flip Wilson


12/8/1933, Jersey City, New Jersey



Birth Name

Clerow Wilson


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Comedian Clerow "Flip" Wilson came from poverty and found success in performing as a comedian. His television specials led to a TV variety series that was near the top of the ratings during its run. His characters, such as Geraldine and Rev. LeRoy of the Church of What's…more


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  • Trivia

    • Flip's comedy albums included "Cowboys and Colored People" in 1967; "Flippin'" and "Flip Wilson, You Devil You," both in 1968.

    • Flip's television specials included:

      Flip Wilson...Of Course and
      The Flip Wilson Special in 1974, and The Flip Wilson Special,
      Travels With Flip,
      and The Flip Wilson Comedy Special in 1975.

    • Flip received his stage name from friends in the United States Air Force, who joked that he had "flipped out," when he served from 1950-1954.

    • Flip won the Grammy for Best Comedy Recording for "The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress" in 1970.

    • Flip did a television commercial for Colgate toothpaste in 1986.

    • Flip did a television commercial for Seven-Up in 1981.

    • Flip won the Golden Globe for Best TV Actor - Musical/Comedy in 1971 and was nominated again for the same award in 1972 and 1973.

    • Flip won two Emmys, shared with his staff, for Outstanding Variety Series - Musical and Outstanding Writing Achievement in Variety or Music for The Flip Wilson Show in 1971.

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    This man was a clown. I loved this man and ed sullivan for one thing. They weren't racial, all colors of people appeared on their show.Young kids today need to learn about real comedy. Most of them think curse words make the joke. They need to look at Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson. I not saying curse words don't make it funny, but you can be funny without curse words.This man new his business/money. He remained #2 his four years on tv. Near the mid nineties they paid him $10 million to air his shows during a TV Land Special and another $10 million for any reruns after that. He owned this production. You would see on the closing credits of the show; A CLerow Production.I wish they air this show back on T.V. they stopped airing it about 2yrs ago. It's been ten years since he been gone, I miss him. I watch his shows and still laugh hard.moreless
  • Absolutely incredible!

    This man was absolutely hilarious! Flip Wilson's bag full of outrageous characters probably wouldn't go over so well on television today when you take in to account what's considered supposedly funny these days like they did in the 70s, but for me they are still some of the most memorable and funniest characters in television history.