Flo Pesenti

Flo Pesenti


1/17/1980, New York

Birth Name

Florinka Pesenti


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New Yorker Flo, 23, a public relations associate, attends at Vassar College. She met Zach in the cafeteria while he was wearing a funny hat and a camouflage suit. Zach instantly caught Flo's eye.

They appeared on the show The Amazing Race 3 to see if…more

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    • Flo: (on the fifth leg of The Amazing Race 3) What happens if I slip? Am I just hanging off a cliff?

    • Flo: (on the third leg of The Amazing Race 3, seeing another taxi) Are there twins in there? (to the taxi driver) Beat these rats!

    • Flo: (on leg 2 of The Amazing Race 3) They're following us because they think we know where we're going.

    • Flo: (to Zach at the end of The Amazing Race 3) Sorry I was a pain in the ass this whole trip.

    • Flo: (referring to her and Zach's friendship) With any good friends where there is a guy and a girl, there's a chance of something happening. We've never really crossed into that territory.

    • Flo: (referring to reality show contestants) Now I can identify with these people who subjected themselves to something that they didn't expect!

    • Flo: (referring to her experiences as a bartender with Zach) We would go crazy making drinks for the whole bar, trying to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail. It was so fun to be silly with someone while working.

  • Slow Flo

    Flo was the greatest contestant to watch ever! She had me rolling in the aisles with laughter with all of her crying and complaining. I am amazed that Zach got them to the end, especially when she wanted to quit. She owes him big time, ha ha ha, like her half of the million, ha ha ha.
  • Flo was a racer in TAR3 and is one of my favourite racers ever.

    Flo partnered up with her friend Zach to run The Amazing Race 3. Together, they won the race and the $1,000,000 prize at the end. Flo was very humorous and funny along the way. She was so annoying, but still so funny.

    She definitely didn't contribute much to the team performing only one of the team's eleven Road Blocks.

    But Flo definitely added a lot of humour with the things she said and did. She was so angry at Zach half the time and her funniest moment was when she had a basket bike falling on her.

    She tried to rappel but failed. She was too scared to bungy jump and she had to be convinced by Zach that skydiving was safe.

    In the end, I am surprised at how someone so funny, useless and weird, could've ended ended up winning The Amazing Race.

    Anyway, go FLO!moreless