Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis


10/14/1975, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Floyd Landis


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Floyd Landis is an accomplished American road cyclist. He turned professional in 1999 and was a member of the Mercury Cycling Team from 1999-2001. After that, he signed on as a member of the US Postal Service Cycling Team. Finally, he moved to the Phonak Cycling Team and…more

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    • Landis: I am honored to be invited to be part of the Shenandoah Mountain 100 event. I look forward to racing on the challenging course they have put
      together since it includes the kind of technical trail riding that first got me hooked on mountain bike racing.

    • Landis: I can sleep well at night knowing that I won the 2006 Tour de France fair and square.

    • Landis: I'm of course disappointed and in fact angry about the split decision ruling against me last week. If any good has come out of this, we have shown that the anti-doping system is corrupt, inefficient and unfair. The content of this decision unfortunately highlights this once again. The straightforward and clear dissent in support of my case contrasts sharply with the scientifically flawed and illogical majority decision against me – not to mention the nonsensical ruling regarding when my proposed two-year suspension should start. I still have hope that the system can, and will be, changed so that no other athlete has to suffer through this process only to be denied a clean chance at justice.

    • Landis: Finally, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my family, friends and supporters who have stood by me and this cause in the face of a huge amount of cynicism and despair across the world of sport. Doping is a cultural problem, and it is obviously a wrong that needs to be addressed and corrected, but perpetrating a cynical and corrupt anti-doping system will not solve the problem. Two wrongs never make a right.

    • Landis: My hope is that the CAS panel will review my case on the basis of the facts and the science, and to approach my appeal from the principle that the anti-doping authorities must uphold the highest levels of appropriate process, technical skill, science and professional standards to pronounce judgment on matters that hold an athlete's career, accomplishments and livelihood in the balance.

    • Landis: Knowing that the accusations against me are simply wrong, and having risked all my energy and resources – including those of my family, friends and supporters – to show clearly that I won the 2006 Tour de France fair and square, I will continue to fight for what I know is right. Doping in sport seems to continue to get worse under the current anti-doping system, and this is only a part of the huge amount of proof that the WADA/USADA system needs a total overhaul. I will continue to work to clear my name and fight for change in the name of fairness and justice. No matter the final outcome of my case, there must be change in the current system if athletes can ever hope to compete on a level playing field and return to the joy and inspiration that sport can bring all of us.

    • Landis: (talking about his hip injury) It's bad, it's grinding, it's bone rubbing on bone. Sometimes it's a sharp pain. When I pedal and walk, it comes and goes, but mostly it's an ache, like an arthritis pain. It aches down my leg into my knee. The morning is the best time, it doesn't hurt too much. But when I walk it hurts, when I ride it hurts. Most of the time it doesn't keep me awake, but there are nights that it does.

    • Floyd Landis: (speaking about his doping allegations) There are multiple reasons why this could have happened, other than what they're saying. There are possibly hundreds of reasons why this test could be this way.

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