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    • Red Crow: (about the nuclear power industry) It's the worst thing man ever invented. It's stupid. It's like jumping in front of a moving train. It's Pandora's box. You can't get rid of the waste. The future is supposed to be built around what's good for children, not industries. I think this country is bankrupt when it comes to imagination and enacting the principles of the seventh generation.

    • Red Crow: You bite the bullet at the beginning and then somehow survive. Survival is easy when there is no other choice.

    • Red Crow: Right now, I feel so grateful that I'm able to approach life with a deeper appreciation than ever. We take so much for granted, including our breath. It's a gift. I give thanks now when I wake up with the birds chirping, can take a breath of air and do things I thought I'd never get to do again—like singing—which is really what I'm about.