Fo Porter

Fo Porter

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Felicia Porter


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Felica "Fo" Porter is the most elegant young woman in America's Next Top model. She looks beautiful, even with her short hair. I love that she can cry on tv and still pull off an intense glamorous look.moreless

    Since the beginning of the season, the most appealing thing about Fo is her name to begin with.

    Fo is definitely original because I've never heard it before. Her freckles make her look even cuter. Fo once said, "I am blaxican," a word I've never heard before but I like it because I am "blaxican" myself. It takes a lot of strength to let your emotions go on television because then you deal with girls like Sandra who will talk behind your back when they see you fall. Family and friends will always be there to support her. I support her completely for crying when her hair was chopped off. I cried when my dad cut off my hair, which was all the way down to my knee caps. I was ten years old. No matter how old you are, it still hurts because there is history with that hair. My grandma used to say "A womans' hair is her crown". Without it, you feel like less of a woman because there's more of an adrogynous look, no matter how girly a girl may be. Fo Porter is the cutest girl in the show. She has model potential even with her short hair. Rock it girl!moreless