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  • So dashing. omg I love him.

    He is really hot, but he is also a really greaqt actor. Now I admit the only show i have seen him on was Mutant X but omg he was so hot. i wanted to make out with the TV. but I think I also saw him on an eppy of CSI but I dont remember it much. But he is such a great actor. I think he would make a really good evil person, but for now I am content seeing him as a really hot good guy on Mutant X. He is really hot, talented, and, hot of course.
  • Talented and handsome!

    I have really liked Forbes and he has gotten a
    Very neat name. You don't hear it a lot but still
    It is a very neat and beautiful name. As I first
    Saw this handsome actor in the Canadian tv show Mutant X
    Very good show and too bad it only lasted three years
    But glad he is now on OLTL!
  • I want to marry him too!

    Too bad he is already married. He is genuinely a nice person. I met him at Fun in the Sun Boston and love him now more than ever. You are right, Mrskilmartin, he is hilarious. Not to mention a beautiful man and a talented actor. He plays a pretty mean game of charades too. There's a fact you might not know about him, huh?
  • can i marry him?

    First of all, it takes a lot for a guy to go from soaps to a regualr tv show, and then go back to soaps. Some might say that his work with Bree and Michael helped him to land the job on One Life To Live, but I believe they would not have helped him if he did not deserve it.

    Now the best part about Forbes is that he does have a sense of humor. Anyone fortunate enough to read an interview of him can see that, even with out hearing him say the words. He is a laugh a minute.

    And of course there is the fact that he is totally devoted to his craft. He's done two independant films, and one cheap horror movie. Most actors would have written that movie off their resume, but he holds on to it. Of cours the fact that his character in it was hilarious helps.

    On One life to live he has proven his true talent, and his chemistry with Bree has been amazing. I would love to have the chance to direct him, he is a great actor.