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Fort Minor

Fort Minor


Los Angeles, California, United States

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Fort Minor is a hip-hop group created by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Fort Minor released their first album, "The Rising Tied" on November 22, 2005. "The Rising Tied" features hit artists like Common, John Legend, and Lupe Fiasco as well as other artists.


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  • Fort Minor one of the best new group in the music business

    I love this group,one of my new favorite bands.I dont realy like rap but this is one rap group i could listen.Mike shinoda is a good singer and a nice rapper,being from the linking park group i think he should stay working on this one.My favorite songs are Remember the name and Where'd you go?They realy touch me,there sad and the beat of them is realy bouncy.I like there new albums to but i will allways like these or the rising tide album in other words.I put a 9.5 score cause like im not old fan of them but in the future they will be.moreless
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    Fort Minor are an aewsome new band who have a few great songs that I like. "Remember The Name" is just completely addicting! I have listened to it so many times on my Itunes. "Where'd You Go" is also really good. I hope they make anothr album. They are a really great band.