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  • Fran and Barry rock!

    Fran Lazarus competed with her husband, Barry, on the 2006 season of The Amazing Race, this review is based on her appearance there.

    Fran and Barry were the oldest couple in the race, and in the beginning, it seemed like they'd be the first to go because of that age difference. But the two of them showed everyone that age isn't the deciding factor; they have strength as a couple and know how to work together. There were times when one of them would be getting down on themselves, but the other would always be there to perk them up with words of encouragement.

    Fran really seemed to know herself and what her strengths and weaknesses were. When she could do something, she'd say so and when she couldn't, she'd also say that. That's definintely a plus in a race situation; if you don't know what you can do, you can get into trouble.

    I was glad to see them last in the race as long as they did, and I wish they could have gone farther, but someone's got to go... but they did really well, and they should get their own show!moreless