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  • Beautiful

    Your portrayal of the Angel of Death is perfection. I didn't recognize you as the mom from '6 Feet Under'. All I knew was that you looked familiar but I couldn't place you. Watching you on AHS, I kept thinking to myself "who is this beautiful woman, she looks so familiar"? Your portayal is unnerving. I hope to see you in more roles in the future. We are the same age and so I realllly appreciate your beauty, dignity and a really unique calm in your acting. May God continue to bless you and may heaven smile upon you.
  • Frances Conroy is perfection.

    I became a Frances Conroy fan after I saw her work on Six Feet Under. I think the role of Ruth Fisher was made for her. She made every scene she was in a joy to watch. It is too bad she is not more reconised for her talent. She has a glow about her when she is on screen that just captivates the viewer. Some of the things she does in her work for example just a facial expression brings so much life to her characters. I really am looking foward to her upcoming projects. I will always be a fan of this brillant actress.