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  • DS-236

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    S 3 : Ep 44 - 5/22/67

    Joe and Burke go to the Old House to see Willie. Maggie is missing. Dr. Woodard believes that she is dead. Barnabas gives Maggie a music box.
  • DS-235

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    S 3 : Ep 43 - 5/19/67

    Maggie is found unconscious. She is taken to the hospital. After the nurse leaves, Maggie disappears and the window is wide open.
  • Like This It Means Father, Like This Bitter, Like This Tiger

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    S 4 : Ep 15 - 1/17/64

    Linc beats up a man (Cam) in a Savannah, Georgia bar. The man was in Linc's unit in Vietnam and his cowardice in battle caused the death of a Vietnamese girl.
  • All That

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    S 7 : Ep 5 - 10/28/61

    Shanks is evicted from his rented ranch, loses his cattle and wife to another man. He goes to Colorado to pan for gold. He meets up with Print Quimby andconvinces him to return to Dodge with him.
    They come into town with three heavy sacks of "gold", actually
    sand. They deposit them in the bank. Those that took his ranch
    and cattle fall all over themselves to return them. Shanks tries
    to throw them out of his house, but he has a heart attack and dies. Shanks willed everything to Quimby. He doesn't want it, and signs it over to Matt, and tells him to give it all back after they have learned their lesson.

  • The Case of the Lazy Lover

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    S 1 : Ep 35 - 5/31/58

    Attempting to miss hitting her stepfather's car, Patricia Faxon swerves as she enters her driveway and hits the hedges. After asking her stepfather, Bertrand Allred, to move his car, he finds Bob Fleetwood badly hurt next to the hedges. Assuming Patricia accidentally hit Bob Fleetwood, Bertrand and Lucille Allred take Bob to a hotel. The next morning Bertrand Allred is found dead in his car, near the hotel, where the car left the road and went through the guard rail. Lucille Allred is accused of killing her husband when she is seen walking back to the hotel shortly after Bertrand's car left.moreless