Frances O'Connor

Frances O'Connor


6/12/1967, Wantage, Oxfordshire, England, UK

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Frances O'Connor


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Frances O'Connor was born in Oxfordshire, England to a nuclear physicist father and a pianist mother. Her family moved to Perth, Australia when she was two years old. Frances was raised a Roman Catholic. Although she attended the Mercedes College in Perth, she considers Melbourne her home. Frances…more


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    • Frances: There's still so many double standards in the workplace for men and women like equal pay that are being skated over. [Today's] women are so busy getting on with things that they don't actually take the time to think, This is what we need to do.

    • Frances: I do much prefer being an actor rather than going through the whole celebrity thing. I think going that way can take the focus off your acting which I think that can be a bit dangerous.

    • (When asked what types of roles she liked to play)
      Frances: The thing about the classics it that they are such great characters, they have a great deal of depth and different layers to them. I always find that very stimulating to play.

    • Frances: I am really glad I was raised Catholic. I like the fundamental aspects of that religion. I think they give you great grounding in terms of having a moral code. But I do not subscribe to any religion specifically now.

    • Frances: I was quietly rebellious. My parents thought I was very good but secretly I did things like saying I was staying in one place and going somewhere else instead. My older sister was openly rebellious and would tell my parents where to go, but I never did that.

    • Frances: I think I am more the musician. I am more creative - although I do think there is something scientific about the way I break down a script. But I don't reckon I inherited that from my father. I wasn't tempted to go into academia for a second.

    • (Referring to Perth, her hometown)
      Frances: The people are really beautiful there; they are so open. It is a smaller town, so people have more time to talk. London is so big you can feel a little lost at times. I still spend time in Australia but because I work here a lot, and as my boyfriend is based here, I am too.

    • (Referring to Steven Spielberg)
      Frances: His work's phenomenal, you know…he's a genius and you're aware of that when you're with him. Just the ideas he has and the way he perceives things . . . he's got a big brain, I think, and obviously he also has a big heart.

    • (When asked why Australian actors are doing so well internationally)
      Frances: I think we've got a similar kind of simpatico to Americans, so there must be some connection there, but it's got a slightly different kind of twist on it though. I don't know what it is. I think there's a kind of honesty that comes through Australian acting maybe which Americans have that too.

    • (Referring to Jane Austen, the author of Mansfield Park)
      Frances: I read it when I was like 18, and I hated it. I actually didn't like Jane Austen. I was more into the Brontes. They were so wild and passionate. I thought there was something a bit tame about Austen.

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