Francesca Catalano





4/2/1988 , California

Birth Name




The daughter of an acting coach, it's no wonder Francesca became a performer. The California native appeared in a slew of stage performances, including Oliver, Fidler on the Roof and Evita, and sang opera in Les Miserables and Hansel and Gretel before landing the role of Alexa in Just for Kicks. Catalano couldn't be happier about the role, or her co-stars, who she says "mesh so well that it's uncanny." When she isn't hanging with her co-stars or improving her soccer skills (Francesca was excited to learn the sport for the show), she enjoys shopping sprees, beach trips, singing, reading history books and being with her friends. Like her co-stars, Francesca has big dreams for the future, including traveling to Italy to feed her passion for painting and sculpture and starring on the big screen.