Francis Capra

Francis Capra


4/22/1983, Bronx, New York, USA

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Francis Capra was born on April 22, 1983 in New York, USA.Francis is from a family familiar with the entertainment business. His father, Frank Capra III, is an assistant director to various films and movies; his grandfather, Frank Capra Jr., is the president of Screen Gems in Wilmington,…more


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    • Francis: (on "veronica Mars" being moved to the CW network) Don't ask me where you'd see a guy like me on Gilmore Girls.

    • Francis: I judge everything and everybody – but I don't necessarily act on my judgments. If I change the way I act towards you, then I am being judgmental.

    • Francis: Unfortunately, I never knew my father and when I did, it was very briefly. He was incarcerated for most of my life and he was killed two years ago; he was shot. I think that even though my father wasn't there, in his death and in his memory, he has been a mentor to me in my manhood because my mom couldn't teach me how to be a man.

    • Francis (on the relationship between Charlie and sister Annabelle in A Simple Wish): Charlie really torments his sister throughout the film, But at the end, he shows a little brotherly love to her. He's a typical brother but somewhere in between the teasing and sarcasm he really does like her.

  • Was born in New York, Raised in The Bronx. Was in A Simple Wish with Mara Wilson and Martin Short. Born in 1983.

    Look, i went to school with this guy (PS 71) and he was in 6th grade and i was only in kindergarden. I cannot believe how much he has changed. wow. I cannot believe how much he has changed; I mean, whoa, dude. I wonder if he knew who i was then, but hey, i was only 5 then. So, wow. Changes, it took him somewhere. I remember when he looked so cute in A Simple Wish with Mara Wilson and Martin Short. He was sure cute there. I think he is in more movies coming up, but we will have to see.moreless
  • He's capable of more.

    Francis Capra appears as Weevil in Veronica Mars, and this review is based on his appearance there.

    As Weevil, Francis plays a street tough, leader of a gang, and all-round not-nice guy. In the first season, he was friendly with Veronica, but there were always divided loyalties. He could be helpful when it suited his needs, but the character was always looking out for himself first. That character didn't really change in the second season. Francis plays the character well, but I believe that he's capable of playing different characters as well. He's a good actor, and I'd like to see him in different roles. I looked through his credits and it looks like quite a few of his roles have been similar to the role he plays on VM. He should branch out, and take different types of roles.moreless