Francisco Pantoja Islas

Francisco Pantoja Islas


12/3/1973, Tulancingo, Hidalgo

Birth Name

Francisco Pantoja Islas



Also Known As

Super Crazy
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Super Crazy was born December 3, 1973 in Tulancingo, Hidalgo. He is a wrestler best known by his ring name, "Super Crazy."

He is probably best known for his stint in ECW.


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  • He Is Super... he Is Crazy.. He is Super Crazy! the insane high flying luchador from Mexico truly is someone i'd consider a legend in his own right from his extreme ECW matches with Tajiri to his three way dance with Guido and One Night Stand.moreless

    When he originally debuted as A Mexicool along with juventud and psicosis i though man this guy has a future.Sadly that isn't the case he's already 34 which is resonably old in the Wrestling industry He's also very out of shape and i dont see him going anywhere. He's been turned into a Jobber ever since going to Smackdown but If He Was still On Smackdown and The Cruiserweight championship was still around i think it would be a diffrent story for Super Crazy. Now he mainly headlines Heat In a losing effort and gets little to No TV time On Raw. He's simply one of those wrestlers whose doomed to Be a Jobber for there entire career regardless of that Super Crazy Will always be one of my favoritesmoreless
  • He has talent, but is annoying at times.

    I just don't like him very much, He gets on my nerves, yes he can wrestle, but doesn't entertain me, I don't think he ever deserves a major push, leave him as a midcarder and have him job to good future WWE wrestlers. It will be for the best if he does.