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    • Franco: How you look at a situation is very important, for how you think about a problem may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. When you get discouraged or depressed, try changing your attitude from negative to positive and see how life can change for you. Remember, your attitude toward a situation can help you to change it -- you create the very atmosphere for defeat or victory.

    • Franco: Yes, I would have rather finished up in Pittsburgh.

    • Franco: (on his one year playing in Seattle) I had 12 great years in Pittsburgh, and that one doesn't matter. During my time with Seattle, they were great people, great teammates and I liked the town, the town was good to me. It just wasn't for me.

    • Franco: (asked what he would be if he wasn't a football player) All I wanted to be was a player.
      Franco Harris

    • Franco: It's not a thing of how many carries, but were you effective when you did carry.

    • Franco: I have to admit that the people in Seattle treated me wonderfully, and I still have fond memories of Seattle.

    • Franco: Halfway through the decade, we realized that we had a great team and that we could do great things, and that we could probably have something here that we believed we had a chance to reach greatness.

    • Franco: Jack Lambert is mean and relentless wherever he goes, on and off the field! I do remember many times he would chase me in practice but no way would I let him catch me.

    • Franco: (about playing in Pittsburgh) After 12 years, the old butterflies came back. Well, I guess at my age you call them moths.