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    • 2013 Public Appearances:
      -October 28th, 2013: Salut, Bonjour!, TVA Canada.
      -October 28th, 2013:
      -April 10th, 2013: 3rd Annual Coach Evening to benefit Children's Defense Fund at Bad Robot, Santa Monica, California.
      -April 9th, 2013: KTLA 5 Morning Show, Los Angeles, California.

    • Radio:
      -2012 April 5th: Plus on est de fous plus on lit.
      -2012 April 2nd: Le monde selon Mathieu.
      -2011 March 26th: Je l'ai vu a la radio.
      -2011 January 11th: C'est bien meilleur le matin.

    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -October 8th, 2012: MIPCOM 2012, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.
      -August 27th, 2012: Sucré Salé, TVA Canada.
      -August 22nd, 2012: Salut, Bonjour!, TVA Canada.
      -April 24th, 2012: Penelope McQuade Show, Radio Canada.
      -April 8th, 2012: Toronto Star TV. 
      -April 5th, 2012: The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV.
      -April 5th, 2012: Wine tasting, Mavrik Wine Bar, Toronto, Canada.
      -April 5th, 2012: Access
      -April 2nd, 2012: Stars Entertainment, Boulevard Hotel & Spa, Los Angeles.
      -April 1st, 2012: Ottawa Morning Live, CTV.
      -April 1st, 2012: JUNO Awards, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
      -March 30th, 2012: 680 News, Toronto.
      -March 29th, 2012: CP24 Breakfast, Toronto, CTV.
      -March 2012: Etalk Interview.
      -February 26th, 2012: 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party, Los Angeles, USA.
      -February 29th, 2012: Goon LA premiere, DGA Theater, Los Angeles, USA.
      -February 23rd, 2012: The Pampered Chef, Kari Feinstein's Oscars Lounge at Mondrian, Los Angeles, USA.
      -February 8th, 2012: This Means War LA premiere, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California, USA.
      -January 27th, 2012: Michael Jackson's The Immortal World Tour LA premiere, Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA.
      -January 12th, 2012: Television Critics Association Press Tour for The Borgias, The Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, California, USA.

    • 2011 Public Appearances:
      -November 2011: Budapest RTL.
      -April 7th, 2011: Bravo TV.
      -March 27th, 2011: Tout Le Monde En Parle, Radio Canada.
      -March 2011: Access
      -February 3rd, 2011: Les Lionnes, Radio Canada.
      -January 14th, 2011: Winter TCA press tour for The Borgias, The Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, California, USA.
      -January 5th, 2011: Salut, Bonjour!, TVA Canada.

    • 2010 Public Appearances:
      -September 19th, 2010: 25th Prix Gémeaux, Théâtre Maisonneuve, Montreal.
      -Februrary 4th-14th, 2010: 25th Santa Barbara Film Festival, Arlington Theatre, California. 
      -February 8th, 2010: Fan Club, Vrak TV.
      -February 2010: Le Cercle special artistes, TVA.
      -January 5th-18th, 2010: 20th Palm Springs Film Festival, Palm Springs Convention Center, California.

    • 2009 Public Appearances:
      -October 2nd-9th, 2009: 44th Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgique.
      -Septembre 22nd, 2009: Yamaska premiere, Espace Dell' Arte, Montreal, Canada.
      -September 15th, 2009: J'ai Tue Ma Mere premiere, Toronto International Film Festival, Isabel Bader theatre, Toronto, Canada.
      -October 18-24 2009: Zagreb film festival, Zagreb, Croatia.
      -August 3th, 2009: Les Grandes Chaleurs premiere, cinéma Impérial de Montréal, Canada.

    • Magazine Photoshoots:
      -November 15th, 2011: Cinema.
      -November 2011: Elle Quebec.
      -August 2011: Flare Scene.
      -June/July 2011: Da Man (Photographer: Mitchel McCormack).
      -May 2011: Nylon Magazine.
      -June 2010: 7 Jours (Photographer: Julien Faugere).
      -Chez Duo.

    • Polls:
      In 2011, Francois was chosen one of Shinan's Worthy 30 Montreal's most eligible men.

    • Charity:
      -2011 Showtime's 'C Yourself' campaign for the American Cancer Society.

    • Voice commercials:

    • Favourites:
      -Music: Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins.
      -Songs: Lazy Lover by Otarie.
      -Actors: Marlon Brando, Kate Winslet, Juliette Binoche, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman.
      -Directors: Neil Jordan.

    • Awards:
      -2010: The Vancouver Film Critics Circle Best Supporting Actor in a Canadian Film Award for his role of Antonin Rimbaud in Xabier Dolan's J'ai Tue Ma Mere.

    • Francois broke his left elbow of Budapest where he was filming The Borgias. In the last episodes of season 2 he is always holding something with his left hand or having his left arm resting somewhere to keep it bent inside the cast). He was running on set, tripped over something and fell on his arm. As a consequence, he couldn't do any physical workouts and lost about 15 pounds.

    • Francois speaks French, English and Spanish fluently. He dubbed his role in The Borgias to French, declining to do the Spanish dubbing because it takes too much time.

    • To prepare his role of Cesare Borgia in The Borgias, Francois read The House of Borgia, The Life of Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, and The Prince by Machiavelli.

    • The first thing that Francois did when he landed the role of Cesare Borgia in The Borgias was calling his mother.

    • Francois finds sex scenes harder to watch than to shoot. He has a really hard time watching his own sex scenes on the screen, usually looking away.

    • When Francois first got a publicist in the United States he flew to LA and stayed at her place. He overflowed the toilet making a big mess to the point that his agent needed to renovate her bathroom floor.

    • Personal:
      -Francois is 6' (183cm), 72kg, has brown hair and green eyes. He is right-handed.
      -Type of voice: Soprano.
      -Real family name: Barbeau.
      -His father is a lawyer turned real estate developer.
      -He has a younger sister.
      -Star sign: Cancer.
      -He was born in Canada (Outrement, Montreal) but raised in both Canada and France (Bretagne).
      -He lives in Montreal (Mile End).

      -He attended primary school at Saint-Germain d'Outrement.
      -Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal.
      -Notre-Dame college.
      -College Brebeuf (degree in Arts).
      -Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montreal (grad. 2007).

    • Television:
      2011-2013: The Borgias as Cesare Borgia.
      2009: Yamaska by Philippe Gagnon as Theo Carpentier.
      2009: Missing as Derek.
      2008: The Double Life Of Eleanor Kendall by Richard Roy as Stefan.
      2008-2009: Taxi 0-22 by Patrick Huard as Marc-Andre.
      2007: C.A. as Serveur resto Maude.

    • Filmography:
      2013: Big Sky.
      2013: Thursday by Balazs Juszt as Thursday.
      2013: Amapola by Eugenio Zanetti as Luke.
      2013: Morrocan Gigolos by Ismael Saidi as Nicolas.
      2012: Copperhead by Ron Maxwell as Union soldier Warner Pitts.
      2009: J'ai Tué Ma Mère by Xabier Dolan as Antonin Rimbaud.
      2009: Les Grandes Chaleurs by Sophie Lorain as Yannick Ménard.
      2008: J'me Vovais Déjà by Bashir Bensaddek as Himself.

    • Stage:
      2009: (March) Reveillez-vous Et Chantez by Clifford Odets (dir. Luce Pelletier) as Ralph, Theatre de l'Opsis, Montreal.
      2008: (Nov-Dec) L´Heure Du Lynx by Per Olov Enquist (dir. Teo Spychalski) as Le Jeune, Theatre Prospero, Montreal.
      2008: (April- May) L'Impresario De Smyrne by Carlo Goldoni (dir. Carl Bechard), Theatre du Nouveau Monde, Montreal.
      2007: (Oct-Nov) Tendres Totems Et Croquis Cruels by Francis Monty (dir. Benoit Vermeulen).
      2007: Les Fourberies de Scapin / Scapin The Schemer by Moliere (dir. Amanda Kellock), Theatre Repercussion, Montreal.

  • Quotes

    • Francois Arnaud: I slept with my legs curled up for five years after seeing Jaws because the bottom of my bed was cold, which reminded me of water and I thought that the Great White would come up through it in my dreams. I'd also look down the toilet to make sure there was no Great White on it.

    • Francois Arnaud: For four months I spoke only Spanish. I met a girl from Chile and we went there and live with her family for a month and a half. Afterwards, we travelled to Bolivia and Argentina. I don't really speak it anymore but I'd love to act in Spanish one day.

    • Francois Arnaud: I read the whole Bible when I was 12. I was always surrounded by these Catholic teachers as a kid and everyone in my class was Catholic, so they just spoke about that like it was the truth. I read it just out of curiosity.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About Holliday Grainger) I think Holliday and I had a really strong chemistry from the start, and I just really enjoy working with her. She's amazing and she has those great big eyes that you just want to stare into.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his most treasured possession) Can I say my friends? I know people aren't supposed to belong to other people but really that's all I want. And food and wine.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About being recognized due to his role in The Borgias) It's weird. It's just weird. People don't think that I look like a normal 26-year-old.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About the storylines people are more interested about when it comes to his role in The Borgias) People keep talking to me about incest and the leather pants. That's all people are interested in. Moral dilemmas? No. Leather pants and incest? Ok.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About doing his own stunts) I have a lot of fun doing all the action stuff, and it gives them a lot of freedom if the actor does it himself, because you can always come closer with the camera. It gives a sense of truth to the scene.

    • Francois Arnaud: I'm really bad at a lot of things but language isn't one of them. I'm not one of those actors who can also sing and dance, God didn't bring 'Glee' on my path. It might be a really good thing.

    • Francois Arnaud: What's extraordinary when working with experienced actors is that they treat you as equals in expecting you to be as good as them. You have no choice, you need to make your mark. It's not always easy because here we have this culture of humility, that our first instinct is to apologise for existing. But as an actor, you have to be stern and take your place otherwise nothing will happen.

    • Francois Arnaud: I'm not a violent person at all. I'm not. Sometimes it's hard, because I do feel some rage in me, but I try as hard as possible to rein things in.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his sister) I am very protective of my own sister. She's my only sibling. As brother and sister, you can be a bit rough with each other, but then, you're also together against the rest of the world.

      I have a younger sister who I love more than anything else. I would do anything to protect her and I wouldn't stab her ever. If anyone tried to I probably would stab them.

    • Francois Arnaud: (On who his influences as an actor are) Real, interesting, layered people. My friends.

    • Francois Arnaud: I don't really like shopping for clothes, I don't like to show off with my clothes. And it's hard to find men's clothes that are masculine, but not H & M.

    • Francois Arnaud: As a teen, I wasn't very happy. Theatre became my outlet to let everyone know I existed. After that, it's as if I just tried to honour what theatre had done for me.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About what sparked his interest in performing) My mom brought me to see plays very early on and my dad brought me to movies. And although my parents aren't in the industry or not artists, they are very much interested. They read a lot. There was always music playing in my house.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About being recognized) I've always wanted to be an actor, but not to be famous. I want to live my life.

    • Francois Arnaud: Film was always my passion and what I wanted to do. I started studying theatre in school and then I got into drama school at like 19 and it was a national drama school in Montreal and so it was just you and nine other students for three years and it was really intense.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his role of Cesare Borgia in The Borgias) He's one character I wouldn't mind playing for four years, because he's so rich. There's great evolution. I've read a lot of scripts this past year or so, especially in big American movies, where characters are often good or bad. I think it would be really hard to explore other sides to them.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About the challenges of filming The Borgias) I had to learn horse-riding and sword-fighting very quickly and look like a pro, who has done that every day for the past 10 years. It was very exciting though, but when you add freezing rain and night shoots, it really helps to put you in a Renaissance atmosphere where everything was much tougher. But, no one wants to be an actor to sit at a desk comfortably all day long.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his first day of rehearsals for The Borgias) Terrifying, I felt like an impostor. I wanted to die and go back into my mom's womb. And then I changed my mind.

    • Francois Arnaud: Intimacy, contrary to what we may think, is not only in the sex scenes. Sometimes it's in the dialogues, when skins brush slightly, or in the way we look at each other… that's when complicity rises. That's what is the most difficult to develop, because in the sex scenes there is nothing else to do but the movements. Talking is at least as intimate as having sex. And I think that sometimes nudity and sex can be… hot. But I think that emotional nudity, or emotional bareness… I think that this is what we are always looking for… so it's wrong to think that the sex scenes are harder to shoot or that it's more intimate to take your clothes off than performing in regular ones.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About Jeremy Irons) He's hard worker. He is a very nice man and he knows what he wants. He is a confident actor. It's great to see really and to witness. I did learn a lot from him. What is great about it is that I don't think he ever thought of himself as the more experienced actor. He treated me as an equal and that's why I learned so much, I think. He wasn't playing like drama teacher or anything, but in watching him and in seeing the way he worked I did learn a lot.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About David Oakes) He is great. But yeah, I think there was a bit of a rivalry, but like really friendly rivalry. I really like David. I was really impressed when I saw him at first because he is very confident and as an actor too. I think he is a very like powerful young actor and fiery.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About being characterized as an up-and-coming British actor with an affinity for period pieces) People don't think of me for contemporary characters. I'm like: 'I want to do the Social Network!' But mostly, I'd rather be associated with The Borgias than... well, I'm not going to say anything bad but, you know, a sappy, teenage soap.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About Budapest) There's great restaurants and great museums. The city itself is like a museum. It's beautiful.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About the audition process for his role of Cesare Borgia) I first read the script and then I auditioned on tape and then met Neil Jordan in London and then tested with Jeremy Irons in London. It was a bit of a long process, but you expect it to be for such a big part. But the audition process was really fascinating actually. Yeah, with Neil Jordan not giving me any directions really, but just asking me what I thought of the character and where I wanted to go with it and being very open. It was great to get that level of trust from such a wonderful director.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his role in J'ai tué ma mère) It was an amazing experience, that whole movie. It was great for me, because, at the time, (Xabier Dolan, the movie director) didn't really like flying, so he'd send me to different festivals. I went to a lot of great small festivals.

    • Francois Arnaud: (On what he would like people knowing about him) Oh my God, like not much. I don't know. I think that is the whole point of being an actor, right? You don't have to be yourself. This is what is good about it and sometimes I do enjoy interviews, but it's just I don't really like talking about personal stuff because it draws the attention away from the work and then I don't really like talking about the work because I think if it's not self-explanatory then we've failed, right? So.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his fansites) Good for them. I don't Google myself, so I don't know these things and I'd rather not. I was presenting at the Juno Awards this weekend and I was just walking backstage and there's a girl, I guess who was a friend of the show, and she's chasing me and she's asking me: 'Can I just get a hug from you?' And so yeah, we hugged.

    • Francois Arnaud: (About his favourite actors) There are so many actors that I find compelling to watch. If we talk about actors from the past: I have to say Marlon Brando, especially in A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront. I feel like he had understood something about masculinity that very few have. I could watch Kate Winslet and Juliette Binoche forever. And I'm so happy when I see young actors that inspire me as well: like Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Ben Whishaw and others.