Frank Bank






Birth Name

Frank Tom Bank



Frank Bank was the guy who played lunkhead Lumpy Rutherford on Leave It to Beaver and he describes what it was like to appear on the show, what the actors on the show were like, what it was like to be a child star, what it was like to be a young man in the sixties and seventies, and to be a broker during the Reagan/Bush era. A self indulgent memoir that allows Frank Bank to brag about his sexual and financial exploits and vent his spleen. Frank got his first acting job in the movie Cargo to Capetown where he got $150 from one day of work. Not bad for a eight-year-old boy! After that he made two movies with Will Rogers, Jr. and then on radio on The Jack Benny Show and since he was a fat kid he got roles as bullies and dullards, and mad a good living. At fifteen in November of 1957 he went over to Republic Studios to appear in an episode of Leave It to Beaver. Satisfied with his work, the producers decided to make Frank Bank part of the cast. He found Barbara Billingsley, who was "flat-out" gorgeous, to have a heart of gold. Hugh Beaumont was a good director, a nice man who was a perfect counterpart to Barbara, but, for some reason, had conflicts with Jerry Mathers. With Tony Dow and Ken Osmond he explored the other sets, pulling pranks, and racing cars. Since Jerry Mathers was younger than the rest, Frank had very little to do with him. In 1963 Leave It to Beaver ended and at the age of 21 Frank had the role of Archie in the pilot Life With Archie. But after six years Frank was typecast and decided to go onto other things. What follows is an account of excessive sex and greed.