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Frank Bielec


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Frank Bielec


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  • I want to express to Frank Bielec how touched I am about his comments.

    I dont know if Frank can see this or not but I want to tell him that I am an Army wife. My husband has been in the Army for 8 years and he loves it! I have had alot of trials in my life including losing my first husband at 20. While coping with that I also had to take care of my 1 month of son and my 15 month old son. As time went by I met my husband and he has taken my kids in. We now have 3. You spoke to my heart when you said the wives,husbands, and children of military deserve something. I cried and I am crying now just thinking about it! Thank you so much for taking us into consideration. That doesnt happen often and it shows how caring you really are.You made me go from feeling so upest and depressed to so proud of myself and my children. Thank you so much and please continue to pray that they all come home safe.moreless