Frank Potenza

Frank Potenza


11/11/1933, New York City, NY



Birth Name

Frank Potenza



Also Known As

Frank Kimmel, Uncle Frank, Frank Kimmel
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    • (Uncle Frank preparing to be in a paintball battle)
      Uncle Frank: The word paraplegic came to my mind. So far I haven't seen any. I hope no one goes home being a paraplegic. I mean, some of the nicest people in the world are paraplegics.

    • (Uncle Frank and Guillermo host the Hollywood Christmas parade)
      Uncle Frank: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a horse and wagon way hey!

    • (Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy are having a paintball battle)
      Uncle Frank: What are you doing? You are supposed to keep the gun pointed up! Remember to be safe and always keep the gun pointed up.
      Aunt Chippy:(talking to the camera) It turns out that Frank doesn't know (expletive)! I just found out that you are supposed to keep the gun pointed to the ground.

    • (Uncle Frank and Guillermo are driving to New York)
      Guillermo:Uncle Frank, how far is it to New York?
      Uncle Frank:(looking at a road map)Looks like about 7 inches.

  • I'm in need of help!

    Could you please tell me the name of the Hispanic man who was introduced on the November 18, 2005 show. His first name is the same name as the witness who helped me up from a fall.I haven\'t been able to remember his name until I heard it on your show!

    I\'m going through a Workman\'s Comp issue right now and they as well as the Mall have been difficult to work with. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    I\'m sorry to use this space as an email ... but wasn\'t sure how else to contact you.

    Sincere Thanks,

    Marsha Ford :O)moreless